Okay this is just pathetic...v2.0

starting out like that kinda gets your attention, but that’s not the point…anyhow, under the assumption that the dummy is Urien…
My question is basically: How do you get b+forward to connect CONSISTENTLY after b+roundhouse?
basically, for the life of me, I can’t seem to get b+forward after b+roundhouse…I’m even setting the other guy to crouching…it seems like you have to move forward for like “2 pixels” or so and then I can kinda get it like once every 20 tries.
I’m basically trying to practice that 100% combo sugiyama does
well, actually there’s two versions, and other ones that do like 80-90% on like Alex, Makoto, and Chun or something like that.
the other version has them standing, and then it’s b+strong after b+roundhouse, which is albeit easier, since they’re standing, but the elbows are hard…that one is 19 hits, while the first one is 17 I believe…

by practicing this, I still haven’t got it down, but found out a good flowchart in the meantime on shotos, which I’m still working on? Just to mention, character specific combos are a bitch…any help? comments, suggestions, insults?

okay, so the basic combo is from fight…dash forward x 3, b+roundhouse, b+forward xx strong tornado xx electric snake, jab denpa, db+fierce, strong, taunt, then dash forward and db+fierce x 5…KO

the other one is dash them into the corner, b+roundhouse, b+strong xx electric snake, db+fierce x 4, jab xx jab tornado for 1 hit, taunt, dash in, b+roundhouse, strong xx electric snake, jab denpa, db+fierce, jab…KO

note that you don’t even need one full meter to do the first combo, only like 60-70% meter? I’m not sure on the exact figures…