Okay here's the real poll for Season 4

Vote now or forever hold your peace. I posted all the games I saw from the other thread that were mentioned. I don’t wanna hear “why didn’t you list xxx” that’s why the “other” choice is listed. As you can tell, I don’t wanna hear/read some ridiculous shit. So vote away!

EDIT-I mistakenly typed out Melee, I meant to put Brawl.

neck and neck so far

I voted for Melee, but I am guessing you meant Brawl right?

LOL, yeah I meant Brawl.



Just cause I want to see someone besides canadians play it.

Marvel should have been an option, just for the sake of emphasis.



No vote because I wouldn’t play any of those

I guess I’ll vote other for World Heroes Perfect lolol

fuck the bullshit. my vote is cast.

CvS2 appears to be winning!

CvS2 having so many votes is humorous to me.

^^ I wanna see your Yamazaki again… shits beast!

My vote CvS2.


god fucking dammit…

CVS2 only has four votes. That’s right, Jetay. I’m saying your vote doesn’t count :rofl:

lol @ ggac votes. even I love the game but there’d be nobody new playing. we’d just be wasting zach’s space by bringing the GG crew if they even showed up.

Good sight to see.

Your the shit. That’s all i have to say.


not worth it, you look like you. thats bad enough

NOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooo can’t have that.

CvS2 it is!