Okay folks Im pressed for cash I need help on buying a new arcade stick

My old one is broke so I decided I need to upgrade til SSIV comes out and I buy the bundle for that. So I was wondering is purchasing a Tekken 6 arcade stick worthwhile for the time being or should I repair my fightstick.

Can you expand on what is broken? If you have a fightstick, you should be able to swap in Sanwa parts for broken buttons or sticks. The only thing that wouldn’t be easily replaced is the PCB.

Unless he’s on a PS3, in which case its easy, plug in a Cthuhlu and you’re good to go. What’s the issue with it?

Find out what’s broken, see how much it will cost to replace. From there consider whether fixing your broken stick is an acceptable loss in your budget for (I’m presuming) your future SSFIV stick. Also, let us know what stick it is you have that is broken. Broken buttons should definitely be replaced, and broken joysticks and PCBs should be replacable at an affordable cost. If we’re compounding broken objects, then it may be wiser to forgo the stick entirely.