Ok. . .ToyRobotTerror....Challenge time

Ok you told me to get the stock so I did this:
I got two different ones that follow something:
two manga covers…two chicks. . .and just two anime stock:




Manga covers:



And the female pics:



I guess we could do a big challenge were we each take of one oof the two out of all themes. . and make three “splashes” or we can just do one theme. . .

and you get the lineart for us to color in right?

you pick the stock and 1 splash is enough for my procrastinating ass.

this is the line art we will use:

Will use the bleach cover then. . .I’ve been wanting to use that for awhile anyways. . .

cool how about 2 weeks?

Aight 2 weeks

Bump just to see how’s it going. . haven’t started with the cover yet, and I’m about half-way finished coloring the art. . .

Yo how it’s going TRT. . .I just got finished with the lineart(4 days. . .whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo)

You still remember this?

dot dot dot

right . . . .I forgot. . . .?. . . .

Halfway through rendering lighting and shading on the lineart. ill try to finish it this weekend.

sorry work eating up most of time this week but i should be free this weekend.

Who is this girl?


Bump I finally finished this thing how bout you. . . . …

No clue but I would love to be that Ipod right now.

Stephanie Ly

Never remember going to the hot girl threads. . .weird


just pm it whenever you see this and I’ll make the thread