Ok, someone explain this


i was in practice mode screwing around with SAII, and every now and again when I would hit fp -> SAII, when SAII connected, it would say “2 hit combo” for the karakusa and FP, but then start a whole new combo for the super.

so, I set the dummy on “block everything” or whatever, just to make sure i dont suck, and it would do the same thing. break up the combo, but the training dummy wouldnt block.

as far as I know, if hits do not combo, the dummy should auto block, and if you set it to block everything, if a combo after a grab is broken, they should definatley block.

so i am guessing this is just a strange glitch on DC or something, but is there actully time to parry or something between that if perhaps the FP hits them too far away when you activate the super? has anyone else experinced this? if so, was it on the arcade?

man ive never heard of this
next time someone gives me this combo ill try to parry it

I’m predicting it’s the DC training mode bug that happens when the dummy has no life left in the life bar. Certain combos will break in the middle, the CPU can stop blocking, it won’t quick stand, etc. That is, unless you’re certain that the dummy had full life when you were doing the combo.

well, that makes sense. it only happens like the 5the time ive dont it in a row or after a stun or something.

you should just set up a 3s call center, dude.