Ok, seriously?

Almost every topic I’ve started on this site, some moderator has come along and closed it with little next to no justification. Example:

I just made a thread about the Mega Man announcement in Street Fighter x Tekken, explaining my distaste with the situation and asking others to share what they felt about it as well. I’m assuming it was closed because I posted it in the UMVC forums(I wouldn’t know, the mods on here are either too “busy” or retarded to explain), but I posted it in there because I wanted to hear the reactions of the fans from MvC. And it’s an issue related to that game because Mega Man was the most requested Capcom character for MvC and they still made the brilliant descicon to leave him out.

Are the mods just a bunch of trolls who can romp around doing whatever the fuck they want on here or is there actually some secret I’m missing?

general rule of thumb around here is if it doesn’t spark a significant amount of discussion (i.e. tiers, system changes, etc), it’s better off in the general discussions thread or character thread. making a new thread here was unnecessary; should’ve just PMed a mod your concerns. not everyone is an asshat on this site, lol.

Even if that is the case, I wouldn’t know because these mods have something too far up their asses to explain exactly what I’m doing “wrong”.

And I’ve posted plenty of topics that sparked a lot of discussion and response, and yet they still close them.

remember that first and foremost this is a forum for (mostly) competitive discussion. if you’re really unsure, post your thoughts in the general discussion thread anyway because chances are, if it’s not about in-depth discussions on the game, it probably belongs there.

Most likely the mods felt that your topic belonged in either the wishlist or rant thread. Either way, did you pm the mod that closed your other topic to ask why, or just immediately make a new thread and imply that they are mentally handicapped?

Edit-ninja’d, kind of

Apparently you can’t read. The reason that the Mega Man thread was closed was included in the post that closed it.

Also it was super obvious.

Don’t ask.

Just obey.


Irony, we meet again.

SFxT =/= UMVC3. Thats why your thread got locked.

lock thread please.

PM the mods with any questions. We don’t need meta threads.

I checked out your created threads:

In order:

  • “ok seriously”: um, this should be a PM. Learn to PM. It’s fun.
  • “your thoughts”: wrong forum. use the sfXt forum.
  • “your fantasy team”: fanboy thread with no depth.
  • “making a jill…”: use the team-building thread
  • “post your 3 main teams”: fanboy thread with no real depth.
  • “why can’t i win at least one fight”: moved to the newbie dojo where it belonged.

In case you were confused, you now have clear answers on every single thread you created.

I don’t see how this would be confusing to any sentient life form. Perhaps you are a kitten gently pouncing on the keyboard? In that case please update your account picture, because everybody loves kittens.

Bonus edit: You might want to run any threads you want to create by another kind member of SRK first. There’s a lot to talk about in THIS game as people try to get better. Do that and you’re in good hands. Check out the existing threads: does your thread’s thesis fit in with that general body of discussion? But talk about THIS game, not sfXt, 3s, blah blah blah. xoxo

I would like to take this opportunity to point out that the OP has indeed updated his account picture. Thank you, Mister Kitten.