Ok,on a lighter note

I am fninja,and I can be spotted occasionally online in sf hdr.If You have already spotted me(lol)…well then i apologize lol.for everyone else,hello!With that out of the way,I have been making vids of HDR(and soon IV),that are mainly intended for edutainment(i.e. not too be considered tuts or the like,per se.),although You WILL find plenty of good strats and,intereseting situations in them(along with mostly chunners lol).Anywho,I figured You guys would appreciate them,so go check em out k.I’ll be posting new stuff as often as i can so check back or sub.,if you need mo lol!
FNinjas Youtube spot
And p.s. i may trash talk online,but its just to get people thinking.Almost a joke really ha!Just smack me if youre not in the mood lol!

I know I’m pointing out the obvious, but…a thread for this kind of stuff already exists. :slight_smile:


It’s very easy to find because it’s stickied to the top of every page in this forum. Please look for threads pertaining to your subject before you post.


Edit: And, after looking at only two of your videos, I decided to end the frustration. You, my friend, need to read the Chun Li thread from start to end. That way, you’ll be able to put some impressive gameplay with the music you’re trying to showcase. Try playing some of the guys on this forum. You’ll learn a whole lot from them.


WTF!!! seriously,if you had a PSN i would make you pee!I am freeking sick of you noob ass suckas on here wtf,grow up your full of shit and you know it DAMMM!i m out SRK is crap


I already PMed this guy and reached out to him in peace.

Still, the point remains…always look for the correct thread before you post.

Also, as I side point, if you’re going to post that you have “good strats” on whatever resource you’re providing, make sure that you’re telling the truth on that. That’s why I’m still updating my Cross-up, Link, and Combo FAQ on GameFAQs. I want it to be flawless. The fact of the matter is, unfortunately, both players did not take maximum advantage of the jumping attacks they landed. My Ryu and my Chun Li in either of those situations would’ve ended those matches much earlier. Try the combos in my FAQ and you’ll see.

I hope this thread is done now.

Wait…the YouTube link’s dead now! He closed his account!

I guess he didn’t want any further comment.

Now this thread’s done.

Yeah I bailed as i said i would this just got ridiculous.so poo on you.Oh and about my chun game,do you honestly see a point in getting a win against a noob?..like…duh!screw em.they dont wanna admit theyre playing a better player,im not wasting my energy proving they suk.ill simply move on and hope for a better player next.<thats a period right there ya herd?

ego: the bane of all noobs

nah,im gonna say noobs pretty much their crew to bail em,so then theyre free to cheep out in crap games.

by the way

does anybody know how to cancel an account here at SRK?just askins all…

Wow…just…wow. Talk about an over reaction. No need to take your youtube account down just because he was a little critical. I actually watched the video, im the one who left you the comment about the sprites btw Believe it or not I actually enjoyed watching the vid, but dude you need to change your attitude, chill out a bit, and don’t be so petty. Make some more videos if you enjoy doing them thats all that matters regardless of what people may say.

two words:too,old.believe it,someday you will say the same shee.i have made a crapload of websites/songs,and programmed for many many years,and have been playing sf since it came out way back.I evedn lived in a shack in the woods with nothing but sf ii non my snes,and cup noodles and tea,and played non stop till i got every ending on max speed and diff…i know the game inside and out,and every freekin dumbass,has to respond with crap like that,like they actually know the game better than me.WTF,you think i didnt do the same crap as you and get smoked,and learn.why do i have to deal with crap like this?stupid.kids rule the world i suppose.screw em.little girls.what say you now?

So you’re saying you lived in a shack in the woods and beat it with everybody?

Congratulations, you are better than the horrible AI that controls the opponent in Arcade Mode. Did you make yourself a plaque and/or certificate after you accomplished this? It sounds like quite an achievement.

…thats straight crap,you think youre faster than a cpu?WTF.And yes i am aware no matter how fast the computer can respond,if its programmed to be dum,it will just be dumb faster,however its smarter than noobs like you,who pretend theyre not hiding behind glitches and cheep shit that wasnt intended by the devs in the first place.WTF ever!grow up you little brats,sheet!

You’re acting like a kid. I also noticed that you joined in march of 2007 and only have 7 posts? Lurk much?

What kind of glitches and cheap shit are you talking about? Combos, throws, dizzies? Yeah only the pros avoid those things :slight_smile:

lol Sounds like someone is having a meltdown. I think the real reason you took the videos down is because your not very good, but you want people to think you are.

Ego blown waaaaaaaay outta proportion? Check.
Blames terrible play on others? Check.
Freaks out on everyone calling them “noobs”? Check.

Ladies and gentlemen we have a scrub!

Thread is lame… Waste of time…

Wow…I can’t believe this thread is still alive.

All I’m going to say is…he connected…like…eight deep jumping attacks in one round. EIGHT jumping attacks that should’ve easily been at least 3 hit combos! It only takes TWO or THREE combos from Chun Li to K.O. someone! (Need proof, read my Combo FAQ on GameFAQs.com.) That’s how I know that my Ryu would’ve Shoryukened his Chun Li out of the sky, crossed him up on wake-up, and comboed him into submission like I used to do to overconfident noobs at Dave & Buster’s every Friday night. That’s how I also know that my Chun would’ve made those YouTube videos last maybe a minute total gameplay time because that Ryu player had very weak anti-air skills. (At least the D&B noobs had enough heart to listen to my advice, keep trying, and watch matches between good players, though, so I couldn’t help but respect them.)

Bottom line…that’s my analysis of those videos. You can either listen to my advice and then learn a lot more from the tournament-level Chun Li players in the Chun Li thread…or you can stay a scrub. If you decide to choose scrubdom, do yourself a favor and stop playing entirely. Don’t waste your time with something you don’t plan on getting better at. Do something that you’ll actually benefit from.

Until then…like I said…yes…I’ll be looking for you when it’s time. Yes, you will get Touch of Death comboed into La La Land so that you can see with your own eyes what true rushdown style looks like. And…yes…if you, at that moment, actually have enough courage to fight me without quitting when I find you, there won’t be a thing you’ll be able to do about it to stop me.

If that prospect doesn’t appeal to you, you should take my advice and learn some stuff before I find you. At least make it interesting. Don’t play like you did in those videos. Don’t quit like you’re trying to do now. Don’t keep holding on to an ego that’s obviously not working for you. Man up, admit where you are skill-wise, learn from your mistakes, and then show me something.

If you’re breathing, you have potential. Don’t waste it.

You are full of shit oj.You cant pull this crap off the internet,and youre seriously delusion.I honestly cant believe youre this gay doot.If you have a ps3 somewhere(or anyone else who would like to see what im saying firsthand) PSN:fninja ,and grow up.If you think I have an attitude problem,take another look up at this thread.I tried to share my shee with You guys and that is what happened.If You cant see thats crap,would You mind sending me some nekkid pictures of Your ass?

If you actually looked at the videos in the Video thread, where your videos should have originally been posted, you’ll see players pulling off FAR MORE IMPRESSIVE stuff than what I suggested I’d do. If you would’ve actually had the heart, the spine, and the courage to actually keep your YouTube account open, I would’ve gladly sent you the many examples of clutch gameplay that are out there.

Face it, sir. You’re not that good. You’re a legend in your own mind. As long as that’s true, you’re in the scrub ranks and always available for players who actually try to learn to beat you down whenever they want.

So…if you’re quitting…why are you still here? Believe me when I say that I’m actually trying to help you here. Your ego is getting in the way of what I’m saying actually making sense.

You know…I peeped your profile. You’re only a few days older than my younger brother, who I used to beat a good deal of the time when he first started playing Street Fighter. You two probably have the same personality. Very much so like him, I’m older than you and I have a great deal more of quality experience in this game. Google my name and read my FAQs. He, too, initially resisted my advice. He continued to keep getting beatdown by me. One day, he got sick of it and he started copying some of the things I did. The result? He’s actually a bit more tricky than me, so he actually wins in the mindgame department…which translates into him winning more than he used to. He adapted and got better in the process. As a result, I love it even more when he comes over to play me.

What am I saying in all of this? Instead of thinking that everyone that has the equivalent of a 90mph fastball in skill in this game is cheating or couldn’t possibly be that good…consider that maybe you aren’t the best fighting game player on the planet.

Is that possible? Is it possible that no one’s ever heard of you because you don’t have massive amounts of tournament wins…or published FAQs with positive reviews…or a positive posting record, regardless of how much time it spans…or gameplay videos that showcase at least the amount of skill that it would take to compete in a local tournament?

Think about it…and while you’re thinking, also check out my FAQ, the Chun Li thread, and the video thread. Like I said…there’s a wealth of info waiting for you. You can continue to fail in this thread by ignoring the fact that you haven’t disproven even one of my points of advice with evidence…or…you can humble yourself, take yourself on over to the resources I suggested, and learn something.

By the way, you do realize that when you put anything out into the public domain, it’s up for criticism? What if I told you that I didn’t like your music? Would you blame that on me not having taste? C’mon now. (By the way, if it means anything, I actually did like your tracks. I’m a D.J. who has been on the air before, a singer, and I have perfect pitch, so I know what’s up on the music thing.) Please don’t tell me that you blame other people if they don’t like your music, too. If you don’t take that approach with your music, then you shouldn’t with your fighting game ability. Learn something from what people say to you.