Ok..lets clear this up...Street fighter X Tekken...which one's better?

The question is pretty vague, but concerning the two games, Tekken players say Tekken is more technical while street fighter is “basic” and street fighter players say street fighter takes more skill while Tekken is a bunch of side stepping. Here’s my opinion (I’ll try to be as neutral as i can, my Tekken skills aren’t that sharp lol). to me, technicality wise, Tekken is pretty strong on that but it would be since your fighting on a 3d plain, you gotta be careful with side stepping and your grabs. rush down is very important in Tekken. Street fighter is pretty technical as well though. most people might not think it is because it’s things you won’t notice if you don’t play like block strings, hit confirms, option selects, non teachable knock down strategy and links. now as for skill…i guess it depends on the player. Tekken, you gotta be quick on yer feet, you gotta have mad footsie game and if you screw up one combo, its over if your juggling combos are on point. Who ever gets the first hit has a pretty big advantage. knowing your opponents moves is vital to the game. Street fighter, as most players would say, is like chess, make a wrong move and its check mate. I believe the true colors and the skill of street fighter is in the mind. mental preparation is just as important character training. if you know your opponents character, the minds games are a big advantage. Well that’s my thoughts on the matter…what do you guys think?? lets also have a nice conversation… if you don’t like the thread, don’t reply…no sass please lol

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How about we wait until we get an actual demo of the game before we start making these Which is better threads?

You would think that people would know by now how to make threads…


You’d think that it would occur to every living person that this argument is pointless seeing as the games are COMPLETELY different from one another, like literally not one similarity outside of the fact that they’re both fighters and the characters punch and kick each other.

Not to mention one is 3D and the other is 2D. If you like 3D fighters, Tekken is better, if you like 2D it’s SF. You can’t compare the 2 so SHUT THE ENTIRE FUCK UP ALREADY! There’s a reason that they’re making 2 versions of the game, and this is exactly it, there’s no way to make them both fit into one game and please fans of both.