Ok, I'm new

I just recently bought SSF4, and I’m pretty much new to Street Fighter surprisingly. I’m not too good at fighting games at all. I’m pretty good at smash bros. but that doesn’t count. I think my first step is to read the manual (lol) and decide on a character to choose from. I’m glad to be here on the site and would be pleased with any advice given at all.

Play and have fun. Figure out problems. Try to solve them in training mode. Play and have fun etc.

Also pay attention to your opponent. He does things for a reason, unlike smash bros. ;3

I recommend you watch the tutorials made by TBirdSF4 (I think they might be stickied in this forum), they should help you right on your way.

Any character suggestions? And fighting games seem so weird since I’m so used to smash bros.


@TooMany_Zs, it depends on what type of character you like:projectiles/charge/fast & semi hard hitting/slow & hard hitting…etc.

Just pick Ryu until you learn a bit about the game. It lets you experience a bit of everything.

I SUGGEST you pick a character that appeals to you, because it almost sounds like you haven’t even played the game at all yet.

I always pick pretty girls with lots of bullshit tactics. Good spacing game is a +++

I like this guy


Pick a character you either like the look of, or you like their playstyle. If you like both, then fuckin’ great. You’ll benefit in the long run from playing a character you actually like. Go into training mode and do your characters moves over and over on both sides of the screen so you can pull them off at will. That includes supers and ultras. Don’t obsess over combos initially, a lot of new players seem to do this. Read the stickies in this forum. And good luck.

you want advice? give me a goal first

enough of the amateur advice hour. make way for sirlin:

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oh, if this is the kinda info he’s looking for then i recommend OP read this: sonic hurricane dot com Footsies Handbook