Ohio Steubenville star High School football team involved on rape of a underage

Knight Sec posted this video:


http://www.nytimes.com/2012/12/17/sports/high-school-football-rape-case-unfolds-online-and-divides-steubenville-ohio.html?pagewanted=all - NYTimes article about what happened.

http://rollredroll.com/ - Hacked page by Knight Sec.

Yes, the worst part is, that the town is protecting the team because they want them to keep playing and keep winning.

vid of some the of athletes joking about the rape, leaked by anon


Bumping for Justice

It’s not college from what I’m reading, it’s high school.

저는 론 버건디 입니까?

Yea, it’s a high school team. One of the Gawker sites (I think Deadspin) did a lot of coverage on this.

It’s your common case of a small town that has nothing else going for it other than HS football. Thus the town is protecting these guys even though they fully admit, acknowledge and as you can see joke around about what they did. It’s disgusting.

If there was ever a time where I wished Team Leverage was real…

Every time I see a thread like this I chuckle to myself and think “Murika”.

So wait, they raped her?

Or did they just watch someone rape her?

From the video, sounds like they saw a dead girl that was raped, then cracked on it.

A group of HS football players raped her when she was knocked out. They filmed it, took photos and posted them. The above video is from one of the former baseball players at the school.

When he says “dead girl” he’s referring to her having been unconscious when the football players raped her.

White people are fucked up.

I live in Ohio and have no idea where Steubenville is…

well at least she doesn’t live in India

That was a long article, worth the read though. Anyways, I’m sure this shit happens every week in countless schools but at least this time 2 people were caught. It’s sad how so often groups of people especially those who under go hardship in one form or another are so willing to turn a blind eye to injustice when that injustice threatens something that brings them happiness. As a human race we should be better than that and have some fucking convictions.

The girl probably was raped but none of us will ever really find out for sure, so to assume either way with pointlessly heated conjecture is a waste of text. That being said it is possible she is just using the rape card so she isn’t punished by her parents for being a slut, wouldn’t be the first time a girl lied to the public.

The more I read about this story, the more it pisses me off.

Apparently not only did they rape her, but they carried her to and from multiple parties? And the apartment where the rape occurred is leased to someone connected to the football program specifically for them to party? They established themselves as “The Rape Crew” and have been sending photos of their activities to a school official?


Seriously, what’s wrong with this town?

They videotaped and took photos while they were doing it - I think we know for sure. The articles on Deadspin clearly state the original Ohio writer who was investigating took screengrabs of everything before they rapists deleted them. Anonymous and KnightSec have a zip file (which they released apparently) with even more evidence concerning them

You sound like the townspeople.

wow… too soon bro…lmao

And people wonder why schools get shot up.

I couldn’t be her Dad, the deleted by the cyber police would look like the Madrid train station.


This whole thing is so fucked. The prosecuting attorney is one of the defendants mothers. There’s collusion by the police and local courts. Where are the feds when you need them?

Oh right, gang rape only happens in India. And since there are no Muslims involved, they don’t care.

We need a federale on the case:


Just like the idiots who posts their crimes on wshh, whiteboys raping, tweeting, facebooking, and youtubing it?

Hilarious. Hope them boys get charged as adults and get their bootyholes taken and they both get golden showered

How exactly do pictures and videos prove she didn’t give consent before she got drunk? The evidence obviously points to typical athlete worship, I’m just saying a lot of girls in the U.S. wreak havoc on men via a legal system that bends over backwards to accommodate them regardless of what the truth is.

Wow, that wasn’t mentioned in the article, where did you see that? That’s ridiculous in and of itself but especially since the judge recused himself for having a grand daughter that once dated a player.

You can’t consent when you’re unconscious. The girl was out cold when they raped her.

You can’t be serious.

Check out the images in this article (no nudes or anything grotesque) and tell me she consented:

hm i should point out i was trying to be sardonic at the concept that we’re so superior to these countries and yet shit like this is allowed to happen because of football. damn.