Oh yeah, MONEY MATCH results!

orochizoolander vs julian blake - $50 - best of 10 (so first to 6, lol)

blake wins 6-2


axel kelly vs julien beasley - $10 ft5

beasley wins 5-3


axel kelly vs julian blake - $3 ft3

blake takes it 3-2


then they did another one where axel just kinda won by default because blake got frustrated by dirty crossup trix


PABLO THE MEXICAN vs julien beasley (how do you spell your name, dawg?)

beasley gets it 3-2. pablo almost had him 'til he figured out his kick button and just kick kick kicked with dictator.

THEN! THEN THERE WAS THE V-SIT MATCHES, where pablo and I reign supreme. Axels could not finish the match. The rule is you sit on the floor doing a V-sit the whole match, which is lifting your legs up off the ground while leaning back with your upper body off the ground - effectively making a V shape. Your legs drop, you lose that round. Dan and Axel stepped up to the plate but hardbody held it down. Free dollas all day. Always accepting V-sit matches. :china:

the 5-3 match was me vs beasley, not blake

and fuck v-sits

Hey I finished my match at least, I’m too young and good looking to win a ST match is all.

I’ll take a sf4 v-sit mm any day

oh yeah you’re right, I just wrote julian/en mixed that up

oh yeah that’s right, edited for accuracy

Where did this take place?

I thought that either there was a bug in the PS3 HDR software or my controller (which I had barely used at that point) was faulty since I didn’t know about that trick, so since I was getting free combos on me after every knockdown it was pretty pointless to continue.

Now that I know that trick though I’m looking forward to MM Axels again.

lol v-sit matches. I like that. brings some more physical exertion into the game.

oh and what’s the dirty cross-up trick? ambiguous? air tatsu?

Just ambiguous. Really hard to tell when Guile’s crossup lk is really a crossup or not.

No really, where did this take place?



ah yeah. I’d take that cross up over any of zangief’s. I’d rather the flying bear attack just flatten me rather than be able to combo into a sweep, or cmk then Lariat… or tick SPD, or SPD… so many garbage options with that buffoon.

haha i did about 4 or 5 hours of nonstop money matches an small team tournies in a hotel room at evo…pretty fun! With all the wins and losses i thing i won just like ten bucks…it was pretty fun…hope u guys had a great time at evo…i learned alot and had a great time…Im practicing everyday all day and if people wanna come over to play or meet up, just give me a call…I got a new phone so if u know me and u dont think i have ur number then just call me up so i can get it.

206 375 6048

We got a ps3 and two sticks over here in kirkland where me and jcole lives… people are welcome to come over and play…Im usually at work or at home in the trainning room…so dont be shy anc give me a call and lets make it happen, no way im sleepin on the next evo…I still gotta get sagat into the top 8 haha :slight_smile:

LTB (reppin northbeast coast to tha fullest)

Beasley is a douche. He would totally use one button to beat me.

bring it on

$20 ft5?

AGREED, if we can record it this time. :karate: