OH the tentacle anchor

This descussion is going focus sololy on shuma gorath on anchor. All input is welcome.

  1. what to do and not to do on anchor with him
    2.Optimal solo combos
  2. X-factor options

in my oppion he a good anchor that can be stable.
The key, is patience, abusing CHm for distance control.
As for solo midscreen combos, angelics/ tonosama are the most eficent. unless some one can show me otherwise.

Best thing about XF3 is that his shuma ball is finally fast enough to where the hitbox-hurtbox doesn’t matter as much so you can really go ham with it. If you do play him you have to learn the SJ hit confirms in case you clip them in the air otherwise you will never be able to kill anybody just superjumping all the time

That bring up good topic to add to this post, SJ conversion for shuma gorath in XF3 and normal

thank you angelic for the input

here is a good ground grab conversion

This is a good SJ conversion just takes practice to get the timing down

One of the most important things to know in my oppion