in Capcom-Unit there is a going disccution bout Macro “issues”… some ppl crying over the lack of 2 punches and kicks… and how its “impossible” to do magnetos ROM, airdash… fly… what ever… consistently wihtout then, and a guy posted a vid showing how " Impossible that was… lol…

So then I made a video… the quality stinks a bit, but I managed to show A little of me playing on a PS2 pad with no macros and doing pretty well with magneto, with the intent to show that it IS possible to do anything, just need some practice.

I am posting here this as well just to show the few ppl that may be here, complaining bout MAcros, that it IS possible to kick as on a pad, BUT… I recomend u to get an stick… lo… oh well. .thats it… enjoy

PS: I know… my english sucks… but hope that the video is at least understandble


Btw, this is a match from Seilaoque, that I mention on the vid, showing a bit of his ROM technic… pretty different I would say (FREAKING WEIRD XD).


don’t know what the controller problem is, have you ever played super mario. You have to press two buttons a lot. They just need to map the HP,LP to X,A and HK,LK Y,B. Man that is so cheap mapping one button to serve two functions. Just buy a stick…

Edit: My dad has always played with a controller that way since the NES. Of course he grew up in the 75-81 arcade era.

eh, on a console released i can understand their annoyance with not being able to map buttons the way they want to. its a pretty simple option that should have been added to a game we purchased. yeah, if you gonna be top at marvel you need a stick, but the average joe should be given the option to setup his shit the way he wants. although i believe fanatiq raped on pad in the mvc2 perfect video on youtube, but he may have been using macros as they were allowed at evo that year.

Shin-Chan, nice videos :slight_smile: your poor english is ignored :rofl:

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Considering I know a guy who can pull off ROM and crazy ass mixups with Magneto on a DC controller, I hardly think it’s impossible to do ROM on a PS2 pad.

i seriously think the craziest magnetos are on crontroller. hella fast for some reason. Theres a dc pad with all three punches and three kicks horizontal to eachother(as opposed to the normal two and two)

if i woulda known i woulda ditched the stick along time ago.

is he using macros though?

I remember hearing of a guy who assigned a shoulder to LP+HP, meaning he couldn’t call Assist+1. So his MSP was deadly right from the start but if his team gets switch around to Mag/Psyk/Storm, then he couldn’t call psyk.
So it’s a trade off.


People rom all the time on pad… it’s actually not very hard. People can do it on a damn dc pad… and the ps3 pad is a lot cleaner… buttons shorter, closer together, and easier to hit at the same time. If ur on 360… your pad sucks but I bet you can still rom…

I spent years on a pad paying the shitty ps2 version that does have 2 punches button… and still used lp+hp to air dash b/c it was done, with 1 finger(thumb), and 1 rhythm. which to me made it easier.

Whatever the case… if it’s that hard for em… just buy a damn stick… truth be told I play with both stick and pad and can say… every input is reasonably possible on both… WITHOUT a 2 punches button.


I glad that don’t have macros if they did everybody would be doing infinites

Majority of the players that do infinites (ie almost everyone that cares about the game) already had sticks from a long long time before marvel hit psn/xbl