Officially lisenced PS2 accessories by Katana - Anyone with experience?

Recently, I’ve been buying a LOT of PlayStation 2 games that I’ve missed since the PS2 first came out and I’ve found that my two paltry 8MB official memory cards weren’t cutting it for saving all the data I have. So, I looked online and found this. Katana Game Accessories is apparently a company that Sony has given rights to create and sell officially licensed accessories. So far, all of their accessories have been for the PS2 and include a controller (wired and wireless versions even) that seems to have one kickass D-Pad.

However, their other two accessories are memory cards that have the gimmick of not only having Sony’s official MagicGate encryption coding, but also the capability of switching between partitions of 8MB storage sections for holding data at the press of a button on the memory card. This has intrigued me greatly since the 32MB Katana memory card is only twice the price of the official Sony 8MB memory card with four times the storage space.

So, in conclusion, I’d like to ask if anybody has any experience with this company’s products and can offer any feedback for them? I’m really curious since their products look pretty top notch.

Wireless controller is awful, drops inputs like crazy, lags and is just plain uncomfortable to hold. That’s the only item I tried.

IIRC, these accessories didn’t become ‘officially liscensed’ by Sony until near the end of the PS2 lifeline. The controllers are crap imo, never tried memory cards.

I purchased the wireless controller, and I absolutely hated it.

The controller felt cheap to me and also because it used 3xAAA batteries, instead of the 2xAA batteries I’m accustomed to with my two Logitech wireless PS2 controllers I have both listed on this page:

I prefer the Precision’s feel. The Action’s is slightly smaller, and my thumbs end up touching all to often when using both analog sticks. They’re tough as hell too, I’ve dropped them both on the floor several times and they work like new still!