Official YJDK re-release/limited edition T-Shirt! (made by Brokentier)

Flashback to 2009 : Street Fighter 4 joins the world, the FGC suddenly explodes into a whole new level, and then the YJDK crew is born. For those of you who do know what this is about, sweet, for those that dont… well… You Just Dont Know! Myself and Super Arcade are proud to team up with the current powerhouse for fighting game attire and none other than Brokentier. Together they are re-releasing what was an official SRK shirt back a few years ago. All proceeds of this shirt will be going towards what is one of the last meccas in the fighting game community and what is now a monumental location for the heart of fighting game streams. Super Arcade is the current and long term host for Wednesday Night Fights which is brought to you by none other than Mr. Street Fighter himself Alex Valle and his company Level Up Entertainment. I can go on and on and on, and this is just gonna sound like some senseless self plugging but hey, the shirt looks cool, its still got the gamer nerd factor that some people look for, but it can also be worn outside the FGC without exposing your inner geek. When you sport this shirt just remember you are supporting our scene and with the power of your support where will it lead? YOU JUST DONT KNOW! Okay, enough cheese, if you missed out on the first run that sold out or want to replace your faded tee cause you wore it way too much, head over to and enter the code “Super” to get 15% off and dont miss out on the limited release.

*promo code will be good until 4/13/2012
*this is a pre-order item with an estimated ship date of 5/14/2012

I just placed my order and am happy to support committed members of the FGC like Super Arcade! I watched you and Mr. Valle on WNF defeat Gootecks and Mike Ross and almost take the win; it was very dramatic and I’ll be tuning in regularly. I hope to make it out to WNF or the Runback one of these days, and I’ll definitely bring my YJDK shirt!

heres the 1 and only orange version made for the man himself :slight_smile: would be cool if anyone who has this shirt to post a pic! thanks for the support guys. really appreciate it!

last day to get 15% off my YJDK and all proceeds support super arcade. thanks to all who already purchased and if you havent then go to and show us some love!