OFFICIAL World of Warcraft Thread

Yeah yeah yeah. Post.


That one has the word “Official” in the title, somehow giving it a feel of… officialness. Regardless, his has responses, and now yours has one.


Playing in Akama PvP server, whos in?

You cheated. I feel cheated! I am cheated.

I (occasionally) play on Eredar Alliance side. Dwarf Priest, my fiance plays NE Druid. I mostly play FFXI, but we play there cause alot of our friends do.

What the fuck are you closing my thread for?

I’m the WoW originator! And you made the thread title look ugly. Thanks. Thanks alot.
Now since you just wanted to get noticed for making a thread, i guess I’ll have to C&P this stupid thing over.

Anyways, there seems to be a very good amount of SRKers playing WoW… I really want everyone to start over and head to a new server (PVP)… Seeing as how Ronin’s guild is on PVE… I don’t know. I’m trying to find a server with close to 1:1 Alliance to Horde ratio… I was just on Azgalor and it’s 73% Alliance and 27% Horde! WTF?!

These are the servers that I was personally looking at (I will be starting over, so will other people, so we can lvl together and get a guild up or something, etc.):
All from
(High) Bonechewer - 52% Horde, 48% Alliance
(Low) Azshara - 58% Alliance, 42% Horde
(Medium) Destromath - 59% Alliance, 41% Horde
(High) Firetree - 57% Alliance, 44% Horde
(High) Mannoroth - 60% Alliance, 40% Horde
(High) Shadow moon - 51% Alliance, 49% Horde
(Medium) Thunderlord - 51% Alliance, 49% Horde
(Max High) Stormreaver - 51% Alliance, 49% Horde
(Medium) Aegwynn - 53% Alliance, 47% Horde
(Medium) Crushridge - 51% Alliance, 49% Horde
(Medium) Dethecus - 50% Alliance, 50% Horde
(Medium) Kel’Thuzard - 52% alliance, 48% Horde
(Low) Scilla - 50% Alliance, 50% Horde
(Medium) Spirestone - 50% Alliance, 50% Horde <–I like this the most.

Of course this is all PVP… Only pussies play PVE! YEAH I SAID IT! POST UP! Let’s get some e-pinions! Where should us SRKers go to?!

Spirestone Horde guys!?

Anyway, I know jack about WoW. The funeral raid was interesting. So what happened in terms of gameplay?

^–New alliance race… THE DRAENEI…

60 ud mage - avarmnatan - server: kil’jaeden
57 tauren shammy - narutosan - server: kil’jaeden
19 (i think) human priest - Ibukyi - server: hellscream (dunno if i wanna continue it, unless im bored with my new char)
37 tauren druid - Ibukyi - server: scilla

currently i am lvling my druid. Scilla is a relatively new server, and not many people have reached 60 yet. I only know of one side (alliance) that has downed lucy so far in MC progress and thats with people under 60 included. horde has yet to down any boss in MC.

so far horde is owning in BGs. join up on Scilla! (horde side btw, and yes, PVP server)

(sry ronin and inverse, i cant continue on hellscream for the time being cuase of the ignorance of a lot of alliance whiners there that i have encountered)

Everyone come to my server already…

Azshara ftw… nikka i bought vent and shit…

Go thunderlord…Is one of the most stable and blanced servers…

And please tell me the draeni aren’t the new race…

links busted man

Started on the new server Dentarg, horde-side.

fixT, or rather, working, link:

We should all start on one of the new servers that came up about 2 months ago
Mar. 31
* Ysera - PVE
* Dentarg - PVP
* Andorhal - PVP
* Executus - PVP
Mar. 23
* Turalyon - PvE
* Haomarush - PvP
* Scilla - PvP
* Ysondre - PvP

First off, fuck you, Marn. I didn’t close your thread. I didn’t even know you made a new thread. My computer crashed and I haven’t been able to do shit. I logged on from my roommate’s computer, saw the thread was gone, and made a new one cause I thought the old one got pruned.

Get the fucking sand out of your god damned vagina. Did I hurt your feelings? Are you going to cry about it?

Grow the fuck up.

all the servers are down!!! NOooooooooooooooooo! :frowning:

new horde race is wayyyy cooler than new alliance race. Draenai? wth?

What is the new server you all rerolled to I will put a an alt on there may get it to level 20 but no higher than that. Are there any plans for end game instances such as BWL, MC, and AQ? If that is the case I may level to 60. What type of guild will you be forming as well. Will the focus be on Pvp or Pve? Also Horde or Alliance?

Okay, It’s Settled. Everyone Go On Andorhal! It’s A Hella Good Server!
It’s Very New With A Total Of Only 1000 People On It! Join It Today!

Horde! Let’s Go!

I’ll be organizing raids and stuff since I’ve been through it all, I know what to do… and other people can help too!! =D!

And Ronin, btw, it was all non-hate shittalking my lovable teddy bear <3.


These are the best choices IMO. Max high is too high pop and anything lower than high isn’t enough. I won’t start a new char yet, but I’m willing to transfer when the time comes.