Official "what do you hope or expect to happen at Evo?" thread

Got this idea from a post in another thread. Basically what do you hope or expect to go down at Evo.

Oh and don’t post whatever you think will happen in Vegas cuz whatever happens…stays.

I hope for myself that I get out of pools in SFIV seeing it’s easier to get out of than I thought. 2 from winners and 2 from losers in each pool (if I read that right from Marn). Which means I have to stink really bad to not make it out of pools. Which could happen…and then…

I hope J4YX2 carries me through 3S pools. :lol:

I hope the live stream is hardcore.

I hope my stick doesn’t die on me at the tournament.

I hope a girl gets to semis in SFIV. Female recognition.

I hope all of MD/VA makes it into Semis

I hope Jibbo makes top 8.

I hope C.Viper makes top 8.

I pray to god that no more than one Gorlab makes top 8.

I expect Baltimore to be angry at Evo (specifically Steve Harrison).

I expect John Choi to not be in my bracket.

I expect Exodus to not go to Evo

I expect Jion Wansu to once again fail at going to Evo (though there’s always hope)

multiple people having heart-attacks from sf4 being too hype (easiest way to get mainstream media attention IMO)

el fuerte wins it all


Well there’s no Fuertes at all in this year’s SBO so we can almost count that out. I can’t crush anyone’s hopes and dreams in the HOPE thread so I’m down for that expectation. I like Buktooth and Kai’s Fuertes though no doubt.

I hope Dark Prince gets perfected in MvC2 again, only this time the opponent/crowd man up and kick the fuck out of him when he shuts the machine off.

I expect Mike Ross and Gootecks to not make top 8 in SF4.

I expect Justin Wong, John Choi, and Diago to make up 3 of the top 4 in SF4.

i expect to go 2 and out

i hope I am wrong

i hope to get matches in with elite players

i hope to get my ass handed to me by daigo and mago once each

I hope NOT to go 2 and out.

I hope to see some hype ass matches

and I hope that us MD/VA people represent :smiley:

I don’t expect to make top 8 either

I hope the stream is pro.

I hope to see some new faces in the winner’s circle.

I don’t expect to see any new faces in the winner’s circle.

I expect SOMEONE to bring air freshener…because with 1040 people signed up for SF4 we can only imagine how many people are gonna be in the same room all at once…please bathe and wear plenty of deodorant!!!

There’s no tournaments for the games I’ve been playing this year so I just want to help out and run a pool and maybe more if I’m up for it.

That and win some money at texas hold em. I’ve been practicing and won a big pot the other day. 8s over 3s.

I expect Jion Wansu to try and convince people to let him use Akuma in tourney, and still go 0-2

Wait, doesn’t that sound familiar? I bet it will end the same way as that very similar event.

I also expect someone to cry because they lost (WONT SAY NAMES)

You must play really random games. Like every game that matters is going to be at Evo either as an official tourney or at least a side tourney.

I got hope Mike. :cool: Ur still gonna win the most chill cat at Evo award.

Daigo vs. Justin for the final matches in SFIV.

I expect to have a heart attack because of the godlike hype.

I don’t expect Mike Ross to make the top 8 either. I expect Mike Ross to make the top 1!

I expect the Rio to implode within itself taking all them crowds into a different dimension then fight it out survivor style and get voted off.

I expect to watch EVO from home but the bandwidth to be exceeded even if they planned ahead to secure a good connection and everything.

pure 2D mayhem