Official Thread: Are you a good DJ?

I came across this website called****

It is a free way to share music with people. In the Pandora/ sense. Just with a chatroom involved at the same time. You can log in with Facebook, but go to settings in turntable and change your name if you do not want people to know your real name.

You create a room, and share your playlist of music. You either upload it yourself, or search the site for it. You can have up to five people acting as a DJ at one time. Just play what you want.

Everyone who is listening can vote if it is lame, or hot. If lame then it auto-skips to the next DJ. You get an avatar, and the more points you earn you get to upgrade your avatar. Fairly simple, but it is an incentive to play to the crowd.

I made a room dedicated to Shoryuken. As long as someone is in it it will stay open.

Lets share some music:

Just giving this a slight bump. I re-opened the room. I may be AFK, but I am letting my music play. So if you guys jump in some, and setup your playlists just know I am AFK. Just sitting in there to keep the room open if anyone wants to give it a whirl.

Whatup im totally on top of this, i been sharing all sorts of music! folks need to come in here and kick it. its like a better chat channel with beats.

come kick it in this room if you wanna listen to some latenight randome beats.

Spent a lot of time in the Moombahton room tonight, but I’ll def be in the SRK room next time! :tup:

Love me some! I’ll have to look for the room next time I’m on!

Uh…some rooms are just weird.

My friend invited me to this. It’s really good to be honest.

I really dislike that I don’t get to hear the whole track unless someone else is in the room, so I end up leaving SRK when it’s empty and thus can’t attract other listeners since it’s abandoned. Lame.

That is my one big gripe with it. I wish you could at least listen to your music while you wait.

Oh I opened the SRK room.