Official Trials Thread

Figured those who are seeking tips for the trials could ask here and the board wouldn’t be cluttered with random trial questions…

I only need to complete Christie’s Trial 17, Two of Sakura’s Trials, Bryan’s 17 & 20, Dudley’s & Lei’s Trials to have them all completed

Anyone with tips for these trials, please post.
I’ll find out which Sakura trials I have not yet completed. I know one of them is 20.

Are you having problems doing Christie’s target combo instead of a regular boost chain? If so, delay the input.

I’ve done them all now. There aren’t many tricks other than for some of them you have to be at a certain screen position (in one of Bryan’s you have to move them into the corner during the combo)

Yeah, I am trying to delay it…
I am having trouble with that exact Bryan combo too. It’s the Fisherman to Atomic Throw you have to get them into the corner, but strangely it’s the crLP to MP that is the problem, because if you don’t get the closest version of the stMP you most likely won’t be able to link the crHP to EX Mach Breaker.

Any tips on Jack-X Trial #18? I can’t seem to get the second EX shoulder tackle to land.

echelon, if you’re doing it midscreen, it has to be done immediately after, otherwise, the trial is easier to do when Jack’s back is in the corner.

Finally got it. Thank you!

Now I’m down to Bryan 17, Christie 17 and Sakura 19 & 20. Hopefully I’ll get them all done tonight…Time Will Tell…

Bryan’s 17 should be done starting with him fighting out of the corner…atomic slam will carry dummy to corner, chain cr. lp to st. mp…delay cr. hp to Ex Mach Breaker or whatever its called. Cr. Hp should be delayed to like the last possible second but make sure you cancel it into Ex Mach Breaker…it will take some practice…hell I haven’t even perfected the combo but I beat the trial.

Grrr. I am trying to do Sakura’s 19 Trial and I’ve been EXTREMELY close several times, though at those times I was off with the final 3 moves.
My MAIN question is how do you get her to Pop Kaz up consistently when you do the j.MP to Air Tatsu? I have watched Vesper, FrogJon & another video countless times.
I have a notion that you either have to jump and delay MP, but does she have to do a half flip before the MP or do you do a (what I call Mortal Kombat jump, where you quick jump by holding the diagonal & then hit the button)?
Sometimes I will hit Kaz in the air and he will end up on the opposite side, thus making it tough to do the crHP into LK Tatsu.
I know when you do the crHP before the LK Tatsu -> Super, Kaz has to be above your fist for the Super to connect.
I just cannot get the bastard to pop up everytime I do air tatsu. I know Sakura has to be on a downward trajectory for him to be popped up, but I just haven’t been able to do it consistently. When I DO get the freakin’ MP to LK link and then EX tatsu, then I don’t pop Kaz up enough to finish the combo.
I’m not trying to use Turbo buttons, nor any assist gems, I’m trying to do all trials clean.
I know this is really lame for me not to be able to get this damn thing, but I guess different people have trouble with different combos/trials.

With Bryan 17, The crLP to stMP chain never produces the correct version of stMP to set Ryu up for the crHP Mach Breaker.
I’m really laughing at myself, though a tinge frustrated as most of the SF x T trials are much easir than the SFIV and AE ones. I’ve done Cody’s AEs, and his were much more of a pain in the ass than these are, imo.
Any constructive suggestions are appreciated.

Finally got Sakura 19 and Bryan 17.
Now the worst one is Sakura 20. Has to be the Most impractical combo for gameplay. Complete waste of meter.
Any tips for this one?

Christie 17 won’t be nearly as bad. I have somewhat figured the timing. Do you delay the crLP or the stMK?

BOO YAH!!! All Trials Done! Now I enter the Dojo for some serious training…

Lucky! I don’t have the execution in me (or a good d-pad) to finish all the trials. Maybe if I had a SNES d-pad, lol.

Well, I used an Arcade stick. I could never pull off all the trials with a D-Pad, even SNES.

I’m just sad there’s no title or something for finishing all those trials :frowning:

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Juri Trial 16 seems impossible for me unless I could extend the juggle count. The juggle seems to end after the 2nd hit and the won’t connect anymore. :frowning:

BTW Juri Trial 16 is composed of,,, EX-Fuhajin.

Finally completed it. Now I’m after Ryu Trial 20 which is a tad harder. -_-

Yeah, I’m having a lot of trouble with the trials beyond one or two moves. Just don’t understand the timing of things yet…

xiao’s trial 16…i just bought the game but something tells me this was do-able BEFORE 2013 update…if it’s possble tell me how???

You’re correct. Xiaoyu’s cr.HP had 1f more hitstun pre-2013, and was comboable into Fortune for that very reason.

basically it can’t be completed…NICE JOB CAPCOM LMFAO

They said trial mode reverts the frame data to vanilla version, which would mean that it can still be done.