Official TGA Ranking Battle 2.1 Results (1-06-07)

SFIII: 3rd Strike Singles (34 entries)**

  1. AneursymX [DU]
  2. Js Master [CH]
  3. Smoothcat [CH]
  4. iLL wiLL [MA]
  5. Jjuice [UR]
  6. Dark Dragon [CH]
  7. Da Wall [GO]
  8. Nestor [YU]

Capcom vs SNK 2 (26 entries)

  1. Nestor (A groove - Vega, Bison, Blanka R2)
  2. Smoothcat (A groove - Blanka, Vega, Bison R2)
  3. Black Ino aka Tony B (K groove and A groove Are)
  4. Ernest (A groove Are)
  5. VDO (P groove - Raiden, Gief, Geese, Joe, Terry, Kyo, Yamazaki - random pick between these characters)
  6. Ratio 1 Beat Down (A groove - Eagle, Bison, Blanka R2)

Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection (15 players)**

  1. Josh Wong [Steve]
  2. Jjuice [Heihachi]
  3. Chad [Anna]
  4. Moeun [Hwoarang]
  5. Plural [???]
  6. Craig Stevens [Dragonuv/King]

Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core (27 entries)**

  1. Nerd Josh [FA]
  2. Josh H [SO]
  3. Red Beard [JO]
  4. Moeun [SO]
  5. Gavin [ED]
  6. Dark Dragon [BA]

SF: Super Turbo (19 entries)

  1. DXP!
  2. Black Velvet Ryu
  3. RDG aka VDO
  4. Da Wall
  5. Nestor
  6. Ernest

Marvel vs Capcom 2 (18 entries)**

  1. Js master
  2. Ratio 1 Beat Down
  3. Tony B
  4. Caddles
  5. Nestor (forfeit)
  6. Josh Wong (had to leave early)

Melty Blood: Act Cadenza version B (12 entries)**

  1. Zar
  2. Damien
  3. Dippy
  • At this time I would like to thank everyone that came to this CLASH OF THE TITANS tournament. It was undoubtedly the biggest outcome we’ve had, especially compared to the OG TGA (with like 6 on 6 round robins,etc :lol: ) And hopefully it’ll continue to become even bigger!

Everyone that traveled from afar to come join us in our new home, THANK YOUUUUU!!! I hope you guys got home safe and enjoyed your time at Tokyo Game Action. It was really nice to see old and new faces again, talking about fighting games, old stories, and etccc.

Alright, gotta get to work on these vids, TALK TO YOU ALL SOON! AND THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING THE FIGHTING GAME COMMUNITY! :tup::tup::tup:


ps. Uppercut Billy FTW!

Quick shout outs…

Homer: Bastard

NerdJosh: Ow. That was the hardest I’ve ever been raped. Ever. We had some better matches after the tournament but you fucked my shit up in the winners finals. I’m actually hoping I can get you over here for casuals sometime this week before you hit the ol’ dusty trail.

JS Master & DD: Good shit. Sorry about the lack of Slash tournament. Was fun anyways. I’m sure I’ll meet you guys up in Canada at the next major or you guys down here at some point and I’ll stick to those MM’s. Sorry about the stick thing DD, I’ll take a look for you though and see if I can find something cheap.

Gavin: OMG EDDIE RUSHDOWN! Sorry about running GG so sloppily but I guess I can’t help it if people are constantly leaving and shit.

Javier: Sorry for the DQ man, the AC tournament was a mess.

Team HATE: KEEP BEASTING!!!1111111111

All GG players: Thanks for coming out and making the AC premiere fun and…excessively long.

To anyone I forgot or didn’t get to play/MM/whatever, SORRY! And lastly, thanks to Canada for heading down. It was a good time, come again.

Hey I got fourth in MB.



Apparently I’m uppercut billy and the joke is on me :sad: If only I could have connected with more of those DPs.

Great tournament as usual, these things are only going to get bigger and better as time goes on. Personally I think that having one in February is a good idea because there’s not much going on regarding locals in the area anymore…but I think it should be either in the third or last weekend since there are already two announced events going to happen in NYC. And we are ALL waiting to hear about SBO quals intently :wgrin:

Good shit to everyone, maybe next time I’ll actually record some footage, this time it was too packed/nuts and too much stuff going on.

Also I definitely understand the issues with travelling to TGA, it’s a pain in the ass, but rest assured the trip is always well worth the hassle. Special thanks to Andy and Gavin for running yet another kick-ass event. And the food at the grill was GREAT!

…oh yeah, and if you’re not down with that, I’ve got TWO WORDS FOR YA!

at the end of feb then i can make it E.HONDA FTW!!! next time :slight_smile:

Good tekken shit. Im gonna modify my psp so i can actually practice and hit corners. If only i could do iSw consistently. Dragunov sucks so hardcore.

Yo caddles next time in CvS2 i want casuals with you man. This is craig, who you had to play in the losers bracket and i played A rolento/sak/blanka which was a mistake on my part but yeah live and learn

I almost wanna pick up ST seriously but i feel as if its too late. Shit is hard to get good at.

Good shit everyone.

MEh GG to all I tried.

Here’s a rarity from me: actual shoutouts.

Biscuit, Zar: 60% of your jankiness is better than 120% of my best; what can I say. I honestly was not expecting you to come at all, I was not expecting to wipe out orbs so easily (or other random ver.B changes), but I was expecting the freeeeeeeeeee arpe.

Next time I come up to NY, we’re playing Tobal 2 and Ehrgeiz. :V

Tinshi: Stop getting getting your soul smoothed out of existence. :wink:

Also the Q button is there, use that shit and love it. Good stuff regardless.

Master Chibi: DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE kthx. Next time I’ll have to pull some Team H8 shit and steal your soul… or your doujins.


(To all three of you, it really sucked that traveling there took as long as it did. Although WTF at you people heading up to Alewife.)

Damien: Don’t listen to Chibi; you were playing good enough to get there (especially with good defense – this game must feel slow compared to MvC2) and adjustments when you needed them.

I have to be honest, though – do you play in ver.A mode at home? I just can’t see some of the stuff that you were doing working in the PS2’s original mode (like her 2B stuffing mistimed meaties on wakeup – that never happens on the PS2).

Josh Wong: I haven’t seen anyone Wala in forever (since the early days of MB:FT with Big Gay Wala); many pleasant surprises there (you playing in the first place, you playing Wala, and then you actually peacing people out).

JJuice: Another local surprise; I was not expecting you to be running Sion like that at all. I want to see moar at the next ranbat.

ill_will: “My Ciel isn’t random at all” – then you aren’t playing her right. :arazz: Keep running her, one day you’ll get there and make me want to throw that curry-loving cunt through a brick wall.

Comeback386: Great strides from the games at NEC, step up that R.Arc again for the next event.

RedBeard: It’s That Fucking Cat again. :V Seriously though you should learn the game, it’s good times (even if you just need a break from playing GGXX/ in the dark).

I’m forgetting two players: One was the GG player running Aoko (wtf? didn’t you get the memo that she’s hard? :V) and the other was the third Ciel player who I am just completely blanking out on.

Overall, I was surprised by the number of people who entered (given the fact that the game is about as obscure as Magical Girl F-chan Goes to the Zoo), and that everyone who entered actually had some experience with the game. One day we’ll have more players for this than MvC2 at TGA. :sweat:

Also huge thanks to Gavin (for running the event and a bunch of tournaments without killing anybody; I probably kill 4-5 people if I was in that position), Andy (how you pull all this off without having your head explode is beyond me) and the rest of the TGA staff for holding all of that shit down throughout the event (Chie delivering food to people randomly from the kitchen to the games was too good, srsly).

Sorry to the MB players who mash buttons then complain about counter hits. :sad: Also sorry me and juice only played MB for 2 and a half hrs before the day of the tourney :rofl:

GG to everybody in every game I fucked up but its still all good keep beastin more shoutouts later

congrats to all that placed, see everyone soon

about what skisonic said in the other thread
Ski: I just want to mention that Tony is still recovering from a recent operation and he hasnt practiced the game in month’s which is one of the reasons we didnt recommend mvc2 exclusive players to drive long distances for just for this.

yes i abuse her clash frames at the start of 2b and 2c on the ps2 version, they’re really cheap moves with a lot of hit confirm, so you can either 5a or continue the string or wutever… everything felt the same to me except that i was playing on japanese sticks instead of a ps2 pad… plus the game clock is sped up but everyone noticed that…

ggs to everyone especially ztb and his orb setups…

Good shit guys… i’m gona keep practicing up for next time.


GS to team hate

welcome back caddles

ty to canada for coming down, dudley was a BEAST… you guys parrt too much

good shit to everyone that was there

shoutouts to team h8

niggas is thirsty they want JUICE!!! hahahahahaha

paul, will(fuck makoto), juice(JUICE!!!), mukai, cb, gavin and the rest good shit you guys giving me the courage to keep playing yun and drop chun all together and thanks for the beastly casual session afterwards.

antoine you have to let me get a rematch on that MM some other time yun vs dudley is a weird matchup didnt really know what to do but good shit nonetheless and on winning

good shit to everyone in all games cant wait to go back to TGA as much as I bitch about the drive I know its worth it I always have a goodtime up there

hi everyone, just wanna say i had lotsa fun past weekend. it was nice meeting members of team hate and seeing many old faces… nestor, smooth cat, VDO, Redbeard, echoes of pain, da wall, jjuice, josh wong, fecal penence, tony b… (sry if i left ur name out, i haf a bad memory) it’ll be great to play u all again in the near future
and sorry for those who didn’t get to mm me in slash and cvs2… i really wanted to play all of them, but there just wans’t enuff time
but i’m sure Jjuice and smoothcat will want revenge against me in 3s lol, so i guess i’ll be seeing u guys in T8?

lastly i would like to thank Gavin for hooking us up wit a place to stay and helping us out throughout the tournament! if u ever come by T.O, ur more than welcome to stay over at my place

PS. eddie should be banned from AC!

btw: are the footages gonna be posted up on internet?

Wow I had an amazing time, it’s good to come back home to EC love all you fools know how to supply the competition. I want to give a huge thank you for Canada for coming down, I wish that there wasnt such a gap in location because of events like this. Time for shoutouts.

Andy: THANK YOU FOR ALL OF THIS! If there was one person keeping the scene together it’s you Andy and your arcade is phenominal. Don’t listen to anyone complain about the location or whatever, that arcade has to be THE best arcade i’ve been into in a long time and I’m glad its somewhere along our home turf. It’s worth the extra bucks to get to.
Ness: Always the best, don’t care what happened at the tourney or what any of you motherfuckers are going to say he is always the one to beat in a tourney.
DarkDragon: I’m impressed, really good gameplay. Sorry AC is whack, I was afraid the whole tourney I was going to get randomed out. Too bad we didnt get to play slash, I’m gonna see about coming up to T.O. after this semester is over.
JSMaster: We didn’t get to play Slash but you got me in mvc2! I hate to make excuses but I couldn’t do shit on the setup but thats my own fault for not even playing casual for it. I want a rematch our next run in.
RedBeard: Johnny Players are always buff I saw alot of good shit from you, makes me excited to see what else will come when I return to the area. KEEP PLAYING AXL! Axl players know whats up too haha.
Homer: You don’t know how nervous I was in that match, as soon as 2p-> ticked into wild throw so flawless and iad hs did too I was rethinking the whole match over. Keep it up man, I know it’s hard with a small play group but with expirience comes wins.
Damien: You got discouraged too fast, I saw one aba player do an 80% and I saw your ass beasting with both modes only to be discouraged. I reallllly wanted to play you after all the hype Jamie told me, I guess next time. Good shit in Melty, rep that Ciel and fuck what anyone else says.
Josh Wong: I would of soldered a pad into that AC cabinet, I wanted to play you too. All you Philly guys bounced without saying bye but whatev good shit in Tekken your Steve is always too ill.
Juice: You always beasting, they should of did some form of seeding so we would of seen each other later in the tourney. Thanks for the faust ac tips pre-tourney!
Mouen: Beasttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt. We should of played more!
Dwayne: I didn’t get to talk to you much this tourney but it’s good to see all you Rhode Island cats still around. I hope you guys like AC as much as I do!
Smooth: Beast, I’m mirror matching you every tourney from now on.
Paul: Beast, thanks for letting us stay at your house and whooping us in ST.
Johnny Zebracakes Caddles: Welcome back! Now you just gotta scrape that ol rust off and get with the times with some shit. Listen to more Eye of the Tiger before the tourney.
Salem Cats Delvis and Cena: Good shit guys, good to see all you guys are still serious in Marvel. Some fools have to keep the fire burning, im glad theres still passion in that game.
Gavin: Good job running the tourney, the two times the mic feededback though fucked my hearing up. My lawyers forms are in the mail. GOOD SHIT WITH EDDIE!!! Keep that shit up gav!
Melty Heads: Good to see that there is an actual scene for the game, I loved hearing all your talk about game differences and Zar and Dipstick testing shit out together makes me actually want to see what the game is all about. You guys need to calm down with the Ciel hate though, makes you all look bad.
DS… er DXP: GOOD SHIT GOOD SHIT! Thanks for the ride, always good seeing you beast fools in st. Thanks for making me realize I don’t know how to fight Blanka, adds just that more interest in playing it more now.
John: good shit getting 2nd, the hours of ST at Pauls were intense. Vega will never be the same again.
Walter: Fool no more buddy buddy in the car, No Homo. Good shit sticking with Yun, just fucking steal some wins next time!
ILL WILL: I saw that mak on the screen good shit. Your zappa is buff, it’s good to see raoh out in 15 seconds. Keep that shit up!

EDIT FOR CHIBI! I Can’t believe I forgot your shoutout. I was impressed with your gameplay in Melty, I could tell you were preventing me from randoming you out so thats good shit right there. Makes me want to put more effort into the game but with all you guys complaining about ver b and retiring I’m getting a lil scared here. Sorry our cvs2 match didnt go as planned, a groove is gay groove. good shit chiiibs!

streetfighter has engraved in my soul that punch is Above kick… even if i had played casual that alone would have thrown me off for weeks… i think josh felt the same way so he didn’t want to spend $2 on the entry fee lol… i need to relearn how to finish abas combos thx to the slide effect after rekkas and her j.hs knockdown effect that screws up her jc combos, which changes my setups After the combos i don’t know yet, etc etc… i’ll just wait for the ps2 version :S

i Might be going to mwc btw…

I had fun, but that 3rd strike game makes me sad.

yo gridman u can still pick up ST i picked it up seriously like 4 months during the summer before the last nec if i can come up and actually win with the competition that is their im sure u can too just gotta find a character that suits u work on one then progress next time u and i are at a tourny hit me up for some casuals. again ggs to all and DIPSTICK ILL SEE U NEXT MELTY BLOOD TOURNY

Yeah Im debating it. I play it casually sometimes at TGA. If I played anyone I would play T. Hawk without a doubt.

Also Gavin can you credit me as Dragunov since thats actually my main. Only played King if I lost with him.