Official Street Fighter Anniversary Edition Arcade Stick

Official Street Fighter Anniversary Edition Arcade Stick

how can i mod this to work with my ps3. everytime i plug it in my screen goes crazy. any tips suggestions?

i’ve looked this up extensively and my conclusion:

it’s a bug that some of us have, i don’t know the EXACT reason why but other ppl have had issues. not very many but it’s there.

basically, my anniversary stick won’t work with any converter but works fine with some ps2’s. so for some reason i think these anniversary sticks only work with the correct plug in.

sorry this can’t help you but, i’m looking to buy/make a new stick to ps3 but at least now you know instead of having to buy multiple converters like me.

you can get the adapter here:
unfortunately its out of stock…just wait til its go back in stock

real adapter:

hey guys. i bought a tac adapter to work on my ps3 for this stick, i was advised this would work with the yellowy pcb board. some of the buttons work, the joystick goes up, down. but it doesnt fully function. i know the stick works coz ive tested alpha 3 on my ps2… any suggestions?? this cost me like 25 bucks with shipping man!

seems it could be voltage related. I haven’t had any problems with these sticks with boards that say 3.5 volts. I had a problem with one that said 8 volts. Also, it doesn’t have anything to do with the color of the PCB. I have green and yellow PBCs that work fine, but the common thing is that they both say 3.5 volts.

hey me too!