Official Starcraft Thread

This is the official SRK starcraft thread. English commentated tournament announces will be put into this post so people know when theyr’e occuring.

EDIT: Averatec-Intel Classic


4AM CENTRAL every Sunday.

Commentator has a kind of lame voice.

It requires installing yet another media player, no thanks.

But GOM player is pretty fucking awesome. It’s my number one player, over VLC.

The first 2 matches were pretty awesome. Got lagged out of the 3rd so i’m not sure. Savior vs. Intermind coming up next. Zerg vs. Terran so it should be exciting.

Also i agree on the commentator. Definately a bit lame.

too much skipping.

Well, I have to give it to him, when he mentioned how packed the place was and described it as “200 supply maxed out” I thought that shit was funny. Also, last match was tight :tup:

I watched a bit of it.

The commentary’s clear, though the guy’s voice does kinda blow. Unfortunately, it keeps skipping for me, so I stopped watching like a minute or two in.

Will try tomorrow.

it seems to lag at certain points. This is their first time doing it so i guess they may not have anticipated so many people. When the connection goes out i have to exit the player then enter it again to get it back up. They’re gonna have the videos at the website to watch tomorrow so you don’t necessarily have to watch it live. When they go up tomorrow i highly suggest yall watch Flash vs. Savior. Huge comeback there.

Works great for me no noticeable lag.

“SC is the manliest game alive it makes hair grow on ur chest!” <------WIN!:rofl:

Pretty fun to watch. I actually liked the commentator, knows his stuff.

It lasts until like end of month lol.

For the next few days, they have group A, B, C and D fight.

Then, quarter-finals on the 25. Semi-finals on the 27th and Finals sometime afterwards.

Anytime stopped mind’s tank push with an assload of dragoons while getting out 2 command centers n an expansion on the other side of the map shit these koreans can fuckin macro:tup:


I have a whole new appreciation for this game from watching this.

hm… View Live button does nothing for me =\

I like these vods cause the ones on youtube sometimes have bad sync ups with the audio.

The only thing is that he caters to people who are new to the game too, so a lot of the things he says is annoying to me.
on an off note TvZ is too unfair for the Z on katrina. With that safe expand a 2 expo terran is too strong againt 2 expo zerg

edit: in fact it’s unfair for zerg against a toss too. I’ve only seen jaedong beat the standard bisu build


what browser is everyone else using?

You need the player and you probably need the stream to be up, too.

Yeah it won’t be back live again until 3 am. They have the videos from earlier this morning up now though. When it is live you just have to have the gom player installed and then click the “view live” button which will be highlighted orange at the time. I believe you can use VLC player also but i’m not 100%

It’s finally up. This was my favorite match by far from this morning. Huge comeback.