Official SRK Photos: 3rd and Final Set (Evo Vegas Finals Sunday) Finally Up!

***** UPDATED: 09-04-2006 *****
Okay! The last set of photos from Evo2k6 have been officially uploaded and ready for viewing. Please head here to view 375+ photos all from Finals Sunday, spanning across every game (except, due to my participation in it, I didn’t get any photos from the Mario Kart Finals). Check out the faces of the final 8 from every game.

However, I DO NEED YOUR HELP, SRK! (Actually, nevermind, the problem was taken care of thanks to kenmastersX’s help! Thanks kenmastersX!)

Please enjoy these photos. Remember that there are still the older photo sets, whose links are all listed below. Hope you like these photos!


Remember, I consider these photos public domain, as long as you do not use them for profit or promotion of any kind. :slight_smile: But if you plan on using them just for your own personal collection, avatars, or what-not, you can click on the “All Sizes” button above the picture and pick the original photo’s size, and then right-click save-as the photo.

If you do use the photos in a public forum or for your article or web-page or blog or whatever, please credit the photos to “James Chen of”. Thanks!

Evo Photos: Duc Vs. Sanford -
Evo Photos: Evo Vegas (1st 3 Days) -
Evo Photos: Evo East -
Evo Photos: Evo West -
***** END UPDATE *****

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Hey guys. I got the first set of photos up. There are nearly 400 pics of the events from Thursday night through Saturday, not including the Duc Vs. Sanford Match. Those photos will get their own set and be up shortly. :slight_smile:

Anyhow, enjoy these photos, and hopefully the rest of the photos from Duc Vs. Sanford and Sunday Finals will be up shortly.

The second set of photos is up! Almost 80 pics of the Duc Vs. Sanford Money Match at the end of Day 3 (Saturday) at Evo. Thank Seth for taking these photos while I was recording Crowd Footage of the event. Enjoy:

Also, feel free to check out this link for photos from previous Evos this year (West and East). And ignore the placeholders for the two later sets I’ll be uploading soon.


Wow. nice pics james! Very nice pics as always, Cant wait for your blog!

Looking forward to the blog, James! Awesome pictures! Good job! :smiley:

And you caught me playing that cheap bitch Chun in SF card game! :o! …money match me? :smiley:

HUGE crowd for the smoothviper MM, couldn’t see shit.

james: kickass photoset. too bad you didnt bring your camera along after we all ate dinner sunday night when me and victor went to the bar. you coulda got some really mean pictures =)

Anyhow, just letting you know, the description on this pic says viscant and santhrax are discussing something, its viscant and soo. and the other guy is Fanatiq, not santhrax =) just wanted to let you know buddy. major kickass set tho. thanx a lot

viscant and santhrax ARE discussing something, jay is talking to sanford.

No, I think SaBrE is right… that isn’t Sanford in the pic. I’m pretty sure his name is Loren, and I trust SaBrE that his nick is Fanatiq. I’ll fix that up right now.

Thanks again, guys!

  • James

In the pic Sabre noted:

Nice work. :tup:

Ummm. For some reason my name is attached to some blond guy. And not just my screen name, my full name. random.

he even has a yuna tatoo.

So he might be a karl but he is not karl balch.

Oh shit, you found your twin karl.



1000 apologies, sir. ^^ I removed your name from those pics. Maybe I had you in one of the brackets I ran, so the name “Karl Balch” got stuck in my head. ^^ Thanks for the update!

  • James

Nice pictures James. It’s like…the only proof I was actually AT evo. BTW, the guy with the Yuna tattoo is the worst human being on the planet.

–Jay Snyder

wow rat look a lot different

As always great job on the pics james

No prob. Great job with the pics. Seems like you got a lot of nice shots. Looking back i wish i had taken more pics, Thats why im raiding everyone elses.

Wow good job jchensor. I actually would like to use some of the pictures, about 20 or so to create a promotional article on our site about the fighting game community and the Evolution event. Credit of the pictures will go to you of course, in which I will need that name in which you would like to be credited by. If not then I will only use images of Empire Arcadia professional players for the article. Hit me up via PM.

Once again. Good work.


Pics are absolutley fantastic. You are just great.

Your beautiful cinematography makes XVSF BYOC look EPIC!! And the squares with names just shows your beautiful atention to detail.


awesome pics!

very nice pics james

Hahaha, that’s me with the Best Buy backpack. PIMP.

James, I don’t think the world is ready for the MagnetiX and R2J pictures. They’re just not ready!

Nice pics, James, and thanks for taking two pics of me, and random pics of me in it :D:lovin: