Official Modesto Boomers Thread

:lame:If ur ever comin thru Modesto post up if u play cvs2 well come thru and play

post up peeps if u wanna come to boomers

How are the sticks at boomers pat? Good or bad? Same cab?

same cab sticks are something i like to call special ed

please if u live in modesto and ur going to norcal regionals come 2 boomers 2day and practice cuz we want modesto to look good at NCR play smart not dumbv and u might get close to beating me but practice smart or else ur just waisting ur time


haha pat :nunchuck:

cant forget abou this thread

You won’t let us. =p

patmonsta and shoryublamka will b at boomers in like 1 hour c u guys there hopefully

Well… Dont Expect Me To Be At Boomers For Awhile Or Ever Not Unless They Get Id4 By Some Miracle… But As Far As Cvs2 Goes I’m DONE! i’m not going to be calling or texting people to go i’m tired of that shit…if You Dont Hear From Me Then You Kno I’m Serious!..remember If Talk Shit Behind Someone’s BACK it will get to The FRONT!

bro its the holidays people r just busy people will start playin again, home consoles just way more convenient and funner.

o yeah u can always come to keyston with us but we stay til like 4am and we usually leave modesto around 5pm this past week was an exception so if u dont like boomers just dont play here come to ks wit me and fasil cuz boomers is gonna mess ur competitive game up so if u play with the best in time u will be the best

i Kno Its The Holiday, I Wasn’t Making Anyone Go I’m Just Speaking In General I’m Not Trying To Get Better! I’m Not Always Free To Go To Keystone All The Time Especially When You Got To Work The Next Morning But Anyways I’m Getting Back To Halo I’ll See You Guys When I See Ya

modesto who??? hehe

dont Worry Its Still Telly-cal Lol Its Good To Hear From You