Official Melty Blood ReAct Thread

I figured I’d start this up since more and more people are getting into this game. I’m still pretty new to the game but will have some stuff posted here once I find something. Well for now post up anything related to the game and have fun. Later.


I think this game would be 10 times better if I could play against other people. Otherwise it’s pretty easy (except for that darn cat in single player mode). It’ll be great once something comes out to unlock all of the characters. :smiley:

I haven’t installed reACT yet, but am I supposed to download the nero patch, put it into Melty Blood, and then open up everyone from there and then install reACT?

er. just im me. :slight_smile:

They made air dash canceling harder with 2.002. Now I’ll never be able to finish Nanaya’s ground air dash combo. :frowning:

you can buffer the air dash =) that’s how i do all my jump ab, ab, jump ab combos with shiki

do this and you get instant air dash in melty blood

f, u/f, f instant airdash

other buffering tricks are like:

f,b,f tap fwd like your parrying, then tap back fast to block, then forward to dash, this is good against projectiles since block stun isn’t very long at all really, helps alot against stupid nero feathers *also, since i’ve noticed backdashes have invincibility, doing f,b,f,b is nice bait and if you timed right can help you make opponent whiff moves.

like i’ve said in the other thread, f, hold F, this allows you to do running or dashing throws, main reason i used to hate sion, weeeeeeeee run throw lose half life

for nanaya fans, this is a little simple buffer replay for ya d,u,d watch the replay for these buffers

there is also a simple buffer replay just showing the f,b,f,b and i did f,f, u/f, f for the air dash buffer, but you can do IAD’s with just f, u/f, f

Cool stuff. The only buffer air dash I was doing was f, u/f, f, but for this particular combo I didn’t bother since u/f, u/f is easier for me (cuz I’m on a pad :p). I’m wondering how usefull that d, u, d buffer is.

insert short combo here, s.c xx u/f, u/f, jumping b, land, whatever combo you want here :slight_smile:

I’ve had a few instances where my character flashes red while I’m blocking. Is that something akin to tardy countering in PJ, or is it just guard canceling?

Ok then, let’s try and actually get this somewhere.

I’m playing around with Kohaku and seeing what’s best used for her B&B. A, B, C, D all stand for the chronological order of buttons to the game, whilst the GGXX notation for motion is being used.

s or c = standing or crouching

  1. s or c A x 3, s.B (for 1 hit), s.C, 236+B or 236+C.

2192 points of damage

  1. c.C (2 hits), s.B (1 hit), s.C, 236+B or 236+C

2920 points of damage

That’s all I’ve messed around with so far, it’s only my second day with the game really. I just found she can combo her s.B launcher from a comboed c.C , c.B, though the s.B can be linked most anything really.

I intend to learn most of the game on my own, but to let thoughts out and otherwise of it here. I know most of this is likely very easy stuff to you, but hell you were new once to this game too. I’m going to try and make replays now.


Come on people. You asked for this and here it is, contribute already.

When I do 22 and B with Hisui she puts this chair out, what exactly is its it purpose?

It is an obstacle for your opponent. Slowing them down when they want to walk thru it.

It is also good to prevent your opponent to being pushed too far away when doing combos. Hisui’s problem is that her B attacks push too much,

I’ve found a pretty broken combo already (maybe an infinite, it’s hard to get past 3 hits of it, maybe just a really broken loop). Unless you can tech earlier than the training-mode CPU can, this is pretty easy :frowning:

Anyway Satsuki has a nice loop going for her from her [j.C] (charged jumping C). Which has a bouncing effect. You can do any launcher (such as [C], 623EX, 236EX and of course, [j.C]) There are probably better ways into it, like a [c.C]623EX. So basically, the best version of this would probably be.

[c.C]623EX jc [j.C] bounce [j.C] bounce [j.C] bounce etc. It also gains a fuckload of Blood Meter or whatever, it might be possible for a 4th-5th loop and on, but it got a lot harder (since the bounce and the jc were losing sync). The major thing that makes this loop incredibly easy is after the jc just hold C, hold up until you jc and repeat. You can do a reset in the middle of the combo doing a [c.C]623EX, which might help.

Another great thing about Satsuki is her throw/dash range, if you see a back tech after her throw you can dash in and do another throw with little to punish you.

Her 41236EX in Blood Heat is INCREDIBLY powerful, and it’s unblockable :slight_smile: 1/2 a bar of damage = YUMMY.

Edit: Hmmm, only works for 3 loops, gonna try and figure out some nice combos with this though :confused: Best I can do is maybe a reset from the 2nd hit considering the opponent will not take any hits beyond the 3rd, or at least a reset or something :frowning:

The first thing I tried do in this game was some sort of IAD, I could only do it from a dash by doing F, F, U/F, F, but your method works even better. Great info.

I don’t have much to add to this thread since I just got the game and just sticking with one character (Shiki N.) to get used to engine.

His cr.B and s.C are insane and his combos do alot of damage, the highest I got was around 6000 w/o EXs which included an air throw at the end which I’m trying to fix (find better finisher) since it seems the opponent can recover before Shiki can to punish him.

Where can I get this game anyway? I’ve been searching but I can’t find it.

Long-ass post in the first pages for details.

thanks, I hadn’t even thought about that site

First post! RAWR!!!

anyway - i’ve been playing melty blood, and a lot has changed in react (mainly the engine). almost all of the combos i pull off in the first melty blood do not work in react. :frowning:

i play Kohaku a lot, since she’s my favorite character in tsukihime and her 236a/b/c’s rock my socks. well, sharing some of my combos wouldn’t hurt now, would it?

2x = crouching x
[x] = hold x
7x/8x/9x = jump, x
~ = delay

my basic air combo

  • 2b, c (launcher), 9c, b, a, 9b, c = 11 hits, 4182 damage

my “usual” (note: the first two hits must be done in midair)

  • 9[c], b, 2b, b, c, 2c, 236a, 236** = 9 hits, 5673 damage
    *if you pull this off while the enemy is cornered, you can also mash a button after the last hit to add another, for an additional 238 damage (a total of 5911 damage).

heat abuser

  • 22c, 9~214c, 236c = 32 hits, 4615 damage
    *the delay should be timed so that the 214c is pulled off right before she hits the ground.
    *you have to be around sweep distance to get the full 32 hits, since the first hit will not add on to the rest of the combo if too close (this can be remedied by adding a 2a after she throws the plant, but the total damage will go down by around 500).

51236c setup
-2c, 51236c

another 51236c setup
-236c, 51236c

yet another 51236c setup

  • throw, 22b, 51236c

wtf? another 51236c setup (opponent needs to be cornered)

  • 2b, b, c, 2c, 236a, 22b, 51236c
    *if the opponent does not perform a ground passive move (quick recovery on knockdown), the 51236c hits will become invalid (they still hit though, unless the opponent does an air passive move, then the last 2 hits won’t connect). so hope that your opponent does GPMs everytime.

omfg! another 51236c setup

  • 2b, b, c, 2c, 236a, 236**, 51236c
    *if the opponent does not perform a ground passive move (quick recovery on knockdown), the 51236c hits will become invalid.

crap, i’m getting really sleepy… i’ll post more later, if i’m not feeling lazy to post or even play the game.:lame:


I finally got the game after like 2 years, but it was definitly worth it especially after ReAct just came out. I liked Tsukihime and the novels.

I hope more anime comes out. Melty Blood is just the tip of the ice berg of this story.

The game is just awesome I cant even stop to play any of my console games. Too bad you can’t play online against people that would rule.

um bay area bay area

anyone have the button layout?