Official EVO North Results as they Happen!

Results updated as they happen:

SFAE (Old men do not have videos)

  1. Jason “DreamTR” Wilson
  2. Phil Burnell (DXP)
  3. David Sirlin
  4. Jeron Grayson


  1. Justin Wong
  2. David Sirlin
  3. John “Flash G” Gordon"
  4. Jeron Grayson

SFEX2 Plus

  1. Justin Wong
  2. Jeron Grayson


  1. Justin Wong
  2. Jeron Grayson
  3. Jason Cole
  4. Jason Wilson


  1. DXP
  2. Jeron Grayson
  3. Jason Cole

MVC2 EVO Quals

  1. Justin Wong
  3. Derek Douglas
  4. Alex Garvin
  5. SOM
  6. DXP
  7. Hugo Mora
  8. George Fed (Juicy G)


1 Justin Wong
3 VDO (MI) (P Terry, Zangief, Raiden)
4 Rusteezy (A Vega, Blanka, Bison)
5 TKK (MI)
5 Jason Wilson (C Bison, Blanka, Cammy)
7 Ryan Harvey "Fubarduck"
7 Jeron Grayson

TEkken 5

  1. Sean 200 Yen
  2. Reepal “Rip”
  3. Jonathan “Machinez”
  4. Antonio Carmona
  5. Chris “Hatman”
  6. Soulus
  7. Sammy

1st Justin W (NY) - Chun
2nd fubarduck (TX) - Chun
3rd fLoE (IL) - Chun
4th FlashG (NY) - Denjin Ryu / Ken
5th Cameron Buckner (NE) - Various
5th Jason Cole (CA) - Urien
7th Simon Yoo (NE) - Ken
7th Jamar (NE) - Necro / Chun

I won’t be able to post ST and VF immediately because Seth and Sirlin will be running it (I won’t be entering ST) while Sabre and I take a breather for a bit…

ST Results (Seth and myself and Sabre did not enter)
2 Sirlin
3 Flash
4 Jesse Howard
5 Wes Truelson
7 Jeron Grayson
7 Adam Heart

Notes since everyone is going to ask: Wes beat DXP and Flash G eliminated him.

1 otome
2 Sean Howard (IL)
3 jesse howard (MN)
4 Josh Ballard
5 Scott Bender (AZ)
5 ajay kumra (IL)
7 Adam C (IL)


1 Drephen
2 Viperboy
3 Mathos
4 Eddie Howells
5 Anthony white
5 Kelly smith
7 Heath macy


  1. SIMON YOO, Jamarr Lewis, Mario Mejia
  2. Elvenshadow, Kevin force, Dennis Quiba
  3. Cue, Alex Garvin, Klaige
  4. Bob Washington, Malice, SH

nice post jerk, keep checking… lol

Any of the stuff played today going to be filmed?

Man, I knew I should’ve come and watched that.

Good job dream!!! Congrats:party:

fucking owned by an old man on “ARCADE CAB.” what a fucking surprise. DSP sucks, bottom line. JASON WILSON is my hero, congrats and good job bro. btw, my NES came today and you forgot the sleeves bastard!!! congrats again. I LOVE ARCADE, CONSOLE IS ASS!!!

Good shit Phil, good luck at ST tomorrow!


Yeah he sucks so bad he got second.


Good shit to Dream though!

Let’s go Roger!!!

LOL dude, i truly hope you are really kidding. do you see any really good AE players in this tourney?? dsp talks so much shit of how he is so good, im really glad and old school player like wilson took his trash out to the dumps. 2nd place = first place loser, so i dont see where the props for dsp falls into your comment. jeron and sirlin are far better players than dsp imo, dont know how he placed higher… oh wells.

Hey watson… I’m drunk so this won’t make sesne good luck at evo west, it’ll be fun to see how for DSP gets. True, Jeron is buff, he beat my bison 4-1 w/ blanka in casual.

Try to get Schaefer to go, that would be the shit. I’d love to see Jeff block low and fireball every round.

GJ Deream TR fucking XBand lol.

Good shit Dream. I’m kicking myself about not being able to go. I want to mash against ogs dammit

No I didn’t really see any good AE players in this tournament, and I didn’t take away from the first place win either, just that he got second even with Jeron and Sirlin there.

I leave his trash talking online to his personality online, he doesn’t quite act like that irl (well not completely anyway).

Regardless of that, I look foward to more updates ;p.

Well of course you didnt, they were all playing Accent Core, on like 6 TVs! (well ok, 3 really)

Epic Mai Otome MM (taped):

Melty Blood Act Cadenza:

Guilty Gear Accent Core:

I have to check the brackets for more detailed results.

Sorry to all that i disappointed by sucking it up in Melty, but im still the best masher…er…Mai Otome player EVAR!!!


Thanks, Kayin. :smiley:

I just think i could have played better overall. But Alex G was too solid and i couldnt break the akiha wall. Gives me something to work on i guess, lol.

Nice to meet everyone at the tourney, and thanks to those who entered it! Aside from the power thing, it ran really smooth (as usual for my tournies, tee-hee), i guess ill see you all tomorrow, but yeah…good times all around tho. Had some killer IHOP afterwards, lol.

BTW Mystery tourney was hilarious. Didnt get to play in it, but watching other people play was awesome.

rashreflection aka Funkdoc aka Josh the manliest midget posting

I don’t know these for sure, correct me if i’m wrong…


1st. Justin (Ryu)
2nd. Jeron (Blanka)
3rd. rashreflection (V.Rosso)


1st. Justin (Rose)
2nd. Sirlin (Rose)
3rd. Jeron (Chun)


Justin & Jeron were top 2 I think, dunno what else.

SS Tenka:

1st. Dark Geese (Amakusa)
2nd. rashreflection (Sieger)
3rd. Keits (Sogetsu)

KOF Neowave:

I think Jeron got 3rd and Dark Geese & YOSUKE got top 2. Left near the end, so dunno.

KOF '94 Rebout:

No idea. I know this did go down, but it was the first SNK tourney so I missed it.

Also, mystery tournament results plz! Had to leave in the middle. =(

good shit my nigga dxp hold that hate down. this tourny ain’t shit you already won evo east. we can’t win them all so who cares. nice shit dream good shit