Official BBR Recommended Rule List 3.0 (link inside)

Official BBR Recommended Rule List 3.0 - Smash World Forums


I personally dislike some of the stages (Luigi’s Mansion, Green Greens, etc.) but I can live with them.

I’m not a part of competitive Smash, but I think that the new stage list will bring more of an emphasis to adaptation for players than before. I’m also happy with what they’re doing in regards to Sudden Death. Overall, there seems to be less bans which is good because the complaints were getting rather scrubby.

There are plenty of complains circulating around now (i.e. stage selection is worst than MLG’s [you can see many here]), and even considering Yoshi’s Island (Melee) as a counterpick is pretty much a huge leap for the community. I don’t expect many TOs to follow through with ALL of the “official” rules though.

But I agree that the Bowsercide rule is a huge improvement.