Official 2016 NBA Off-Season Thread: Westbrook staying in OKC for 3 more years. Confirmed MVP

You know the drill. Some of us have been apart of the madness for 10+ years now.

Teams and their supporters:

[details=Spoiler]Below are a compiled list of current NBA teams along with posters who are fans of them

(Alphabetical order)
Atlanta Hawks - (Shinblanka, K4polo,<Insert Name Here>)
Boston Celtics - . (Maxx, SmoothViper, PBalla, Shinkuu Tatsumaki, DarkGeneral, ETEP1)
Brooklyn Nets -
Charlotte Hornets - (Unreallystic, locoghoul)
Chicago Bulls - (BullDancer, The Co-Jones, Reason4U, makmak!!!)
Cleveland Cavaliers -
Dallas Mavericks - (Terry_NB, Black Jesus, TornadoFlame)
Denver Nuggets - (Mr. Noodle)
Detroit Pistons - S (Cool-Breeze, Kashiyukasthighs)
Golden State Warriors - (Seta, Subt-L, Night, Morphiend, TheWholeFNshow, Etep1, Vestax)
Houston Rockets - S (AkumaTX, KnuckleifyouBuckley, GrimmJow316, KD Alpha, locoghoul)
Indiana Pacers- (Silver Rain 007)
Los Angeles Clippers - S (Robust)
Los Angeles Lakers - (KimTerran, Boom!, Eren, Thurst, Taito, Rockman X, FOBio, SadQuotes, Strike_Prime, KD Alpha, Amazing Funbags)
Memphis Grizzlies - (akumatrunigga, D.R.E.)
Miami Heat - (Geo, D’Nyc3, Ivy’s lover)
Milwaukee Bucks - (Arsenal,Spideyman)
Minnesota Timberwolves - (The Purple Bunny)
New Orleans Pelicans - (Geo)
New York Knicks - (Galactic, Black Chandler, debs, Mood4food77)
Oklahoma City - (KD Alpha)
Orlando Magic - (Satomiblood, BshidoHeat)
Philadelphia 76ers - (ViciousSLASH, CTG)
Phoenix Suns - (Psychoblue, Ivy’s lover, xEGAxBeastkingx)
Portland Trail Blazers -
Sacramento Kings - (BR3N7, a15kko)
San Antonio Spurs - (ViciousSLASH, Weeks)
Toronto Raptors - N (Mr.Noodle, BadMojo)
Utah Jazz - (The Invincible Swordsman)
Washington Wizards - (Unreallystic)

The non-current teams and their supporters

Zombie Sonics - (Jae Hoon, cKrAzY, rcaido)[/details]

Recently retired players:

Shawn Marion, Andrei Kirilenko, Kenyon Martin, Stephen Jackson, Elton Brand’s Top 100 NBA Players of 2016

New/updated uniforms:


Go Bulls…

Still with the sleeved uniforms?

Ah guys, we lost to Spain by a point and god damn, even Kevin Durant was excited when he watched the last minute of the game yesterday. Dennis even got 3 free throws to tie at the end by a miracle. Never in my live did I witness, that the entire stadium was standing up for a whole 4th quarter and was so crazy loud. My voice is gone today.

Dirk will now be gone from the national team forever. I could still cry to go out like this, after such winnable games against Serbia and Italy …

Love will bring the Cavs to a title and invite them into his Shower of Champions.

Memphis needs a new colorway…our jerseys are getting boring…

Maybe a slight splash from the Vancouver days?

Go Heat!

We’re looking strong this year!!!

we need something…i wouldnt mind a grey jersey with the blue letters as an alternate…we break out the ABA Pros and the Memphis Tam’s loud ass yellow joints every blue moon which i do like but it aint enough

This will be yet another sad year for the Lakers…

Alright, Thunders… New coach, everyone coming back healthy with a full off-season for the new acquisitions and vets to get used to each other. Super Saiyan Westbrook was unlocked last season. KD in a contract season…


Yea get used to it

fuck Canada blew it hard in the 4th Quarter

Heat fans on Reddit are pathetic. Always lowballing the team and talking about “realistic expectations” cause they don’t know shit about basketball. Some of them expecting the team to be a 4th-6th seed. Fuck 'em.

you still didnt add me on the LeBron James bandwagon

Any more pics of that OKC alternate? Like forreal they’re going to wear that?

Really looks like the endless nightmare of GSW “Golden Gate Orange” workout dropping weight-sweat suit garbage bag polyester sheen monstrosity

That followed Jason Richardson over to the BOBCATS

That boring-ass navy blue thing with the one white stripe, they just made up (or copied from the Kansas City kings throwbacks) is so much better, in comparison

R.I.P. Moses Malone

Jesus christ. This summer is brutal.