Official 2011 MLB Thread

Feb 14: Pitchers, catchers and injured players report to Spring Training

Feb 19: Non-pitchers/catchers report to Spring Training

March 31: Opening Day (First games include SF @ LA, MIL @ CIN, ATL @ WAS)

April 15: Jackie Robinson Day (all players wear #42)

May 15: Civil Rights Game - Braves vs. Phillies, Turner Field, Atlanta, GA

June 6-8: First-year player draft

July 12: All-Star Game - Chase Field, Phoenix, AZ

July 24: Hall of Fame induction ceremony (Bert Blyleven, Roberto Alomar, and others)

July 31: Non-waiver trade deadline

August 31: Final trade deadline

September 1: Rosters expand to 40 players

September 28: Regular season over

Other Notes

Phillies gonna win it all by spending a shitload of money in a SMART way. This sucks. [/Yankee Fan]


I will be happy if the M’s are .500 this year.


Go White Sox…

lets go brewers!!! what’s going on with the espn league this year? were we still doing keepers from last year?

If anyone has any openings in fantasy let me know. Lets go Mets =[.

Lets go Cubs! :frowning:

Mariners will make the playoffs at 72-90 and win the division series thanks to a grand slam by Marshawn Lynch.

Waiting for CLint to renew it.

Also we are looking for more people in the Fun League, so feel free to apply if you think you are man enough to compete.

Hugh Mad.

For those wondering where my allegiance is…



Red Sox fan checking in. I’m ready for Adrian to hit 40 dingers and 50 doubles this year. Id like to get in on a SRK fantasy league, who do I talk to?


Spend dat consecutive sell out money!

My hope is both the Giants’ and Phillies’ starting rotations stay healthy all year long and they meet in the NLCS, and the winner wins the World Series.

Go Giants.

Oh right, I should send out those invites.

Let’s go Halos!

j/k enjoy Vernon Wells LOL

Doesn’t mean people won’t keep thinking the Yanks are the ONLY team in baseball with money, lol. I actually just got into this discussion again at work who said they don’t follow baseball because baseball’s only got one team. During this I remembered that Red Sox “fan” at my old college who yelled at me that they were a small market team lmfao. He wouldn’t listen when I gave him Boston’s salary either, just started yelling more.

In any case, I would have liked to have Lee of course but it just goes to show that not everyone can be bought and sold by one team. It just isn’t that simple, other teams out there DO have money. And if they manage it right, they can have a starting rotation like the Phillies have right now.

i made a fantasy baseball league if anyone wants to join just post up your email.

7x7 is a lot of categories!

Go Sox!

<- Also interested in a SRK fantasy league. Shoot me a PM if yer filling one up.

Wow, I feel bad for anybody who has Miguel in a keeper league.

Is the ESPN league a keep league from last year? If so how many?