Office 2007 Excel Student Users?

I know this is a long shot but anyways…I’m trying to make a gas log spreadsheet and I pretty much have everything I need except I don’t know how to divide the miles from the gallons to make the miles per gallon. I tried using the quotient forumula but I get this #DIV/0! error on the cells that does not have any data plugged in. Here’s a link to the file: I’m also open for suggestions for any other data I can add (I’m kind of a stat freak). I will give $3000* to whoever can help me.

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You get that error because it takes cells that have nothing typed in them to be 0. I tried to download your file to have a look at it, but whatever format you saved it as can be read by my computer.

Basically you are going to want to make a table that doesnt have any blank spaces in it and then if you dont want that message to come up then dont use fill down on cells that you havent put any data into.

The way I would do it is have a column for miles, gallons used during that milage, miles per gallon, and maybe a column for how much time it took you to put on that milage. But the big thing to remember is to keep it as one large table and not to break it up into smaller one.

Oh yeah, and of course you can also add price per gallon when you filled up.

Sorry about that…here’s a re-up in the 97-2003 office format. Maybe this will help.

Ah, I was making them into their own tables. I’ll make it into one big table as soon as I have time. Also tacked in gas price per gallon, thanks!


Make sure the cells only have numbers in them; dont put units, like ‘gal’ or ‘miles’.
Ill take a peek to see if I can see the problem with the sheet.

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heh, the DIV/0’s are only showing up on rows that dont have gallon and mile data to the side. Empty cells gets treated as 0’s, so the formula is trying to divide 0 by 0, thus the error.

You can get around it with an IF statement like this
=IF(C10=0, “N/A”, QUOTIENT(Sheet1!$B10,Sheet1!$C10))

That puts the String N/A in the field if the cell is 0 (or empty). You can change the “N/A” to “” if you jsut want it to be blank.

Also you dont have to use the quotient function. You could just use =A1/B1 and that will divide the two cells chosen even if they are on different sheets.

I just downloaded the new one you posted and I am hoping that you just entered in some random numbers because the data doesnt make any sense.

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Toodles and Chaosdragon13, thanks for helping me solve this problem. This log is pretty much ready for some data collecting. The data is just testing the formulas and such. Now that it’s working I can enter the real data. If you want to check out the finished product (with test data) the link it’s here:

Oh, and by the way, both your checks are in the mail…don’t spend it all in one place now :smokin: