Octouken 2013 (010/26/2013 - Edmonton, Alberta) KOF XIII $200.00 bonus pot


Octouken 2013 (010/26/2013 - Edmonton, Alberta)
Date: Saturday October 26th 2013.
Venue Opens at 11:00 am

Hosted by
Edmonton Gamers
Advanced Games
Will be streamed on Our live stream channel found here

Registration will start at 11:00 AM Tournament will Start at 1:00 PM

Location: Advanced Games: 16759-91st, Edmonton, Alberta
Venue Fee: $5.00

All games will be played on the Xbox360 with the exception of Pokemon X and Y

**King of Fighters 13 will have a $200.00 bonus pot
Game Entry for Super Street Fighter IV AE: Singles: $10.00
Game Entry for Pokemon / Black 2 White 2: Singles $10.00

Game Entry for Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3: Singles $10.00
Game Entry for King of Fighter 13: Singles $10.00

OFFICIAL TOURNAMENTS: Super Street Fighter IV AE. , Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. King Of Fighters XIII and Pokemon Black X / Pokemon White Y


General Tournament Format and Rules

All times for games will go as fallows

1:00 pm
King of Fighters 13
Super Street Fighter IV AE 2012

3:00 pm
Pokemon X / Pokemon Y
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom

Holy crap that place is really north.

Whao theres an person I haven’s seen in a while. Whats up man!

Not much. I’m going to be working at Northlands, we should try to meet up for a bit of Marvel sometime (I think it’s kinda close to that Overclocked place, if I remember right). Pretty sure you can 10-0 me at this point.

sweet banner

I live right by nait so just message me via facebook or txt me and we can play for sure!

Quick question, will the consoles running KoF have the 3 DLC characters available? Thanks in advance.

For sure as I personally have all 3 dlc characters on mine. If by some random luck there isn’t I will personally walk to the mac’s across the parking lot and buy them!