Octagonal gate using sander paper and filer?

don’t know where to get a cheap sanwa octagonal gate without paying for shipping, so I was wondering if I can just take the square gate, sand it using sand paper or filer until the cross shape is formed on the gate.

the plastic the stock square gate made of is pretty durable plastic, but I am not sure if there will be ill effects from doing something like this. I want to know if there are any one cheap ass like me attempted the same thing.

did a search on google and the forum and everyone pretty much just default to sanwa, so I am not sure if I should experiment this.

I’ve sanded an LS-32 plate before, but those aren’t made of the hard plastic the JLF one uses.

I say have at it, but it isn’t all that difficult to get used to a square if you’re new to sticks [I’m assuming here]. If you’re switching to an octo because you just recently got your stick and it’s difficult using the square you should take your time to learn it.

Now if you aren’t new to sticks and I’m just an idiot, sand away, but be prepared to end up buying a new gate if you make a mistake.

Why waste a perfectly good square gate.

I did sand a stick before from ps1 days, hori compact stick meisai hps-47, google won’t get you any result because this is over 15 years old. the result was okay, but I never play much fighting games before so I can’t tell how long the plastic part could last before breaking.

I was gonna use the same stick for ps3 by using the usb adapter, but kof13 won’t recognize my stick and I had to upgrade.

just to clarify, I am going to sand a hori fighting stick v3 stock square gate. I basically bought it brand new and had some trouble performing with square gate.

Give it a month… we’ll have them cheap!
Our new restrictors:

Is there any place that sells Sanwa octagonal gate cheap in Canada?

go to the playdium store?
or canadian joysticks

We will be shipping these first class starting in march. Cost of shipping will be 1 USD… It will be first class, which may take a little, but it doesn’t get cheaper than that.

what? 1 dollar shipping from US to Canada? I don’t believe you lol

US Priority Mail actually goes as fast as First Class. First Class is just limited to 13oz

We have made just the insert, and will be selling them like that so they can be shipped in an envelope :slight_smile: just trying to save everyone some money!

trust me, stay with square, once you get used to it, it is so much better. I replaced the square with an oct. then with a round. I notice as i got better I has a lot of trouble nailing simple things like tiger knee motions and srk in a pinch, played on a square on a different stick, and was doing things I couldn’t do on my own stick, so I went back to square.