Octagon Arcade sticks with a budget

I tried some joysticks recently. I tried a Shadowblade, Street Fighter Anniversary Stick, Tekken Stick, and a custom Chun-li stick. All of them pale in comparison to the 8 sided Chun-li stick. It costs $100 though.

Any good Arcade sticks with a budget that has an 8 sided Directional stick? I’m looking for under $60. That includes shipping and handling (if its $20, then must be no more than $40).

Heres what I mean by octagon joystick. If any of you tried a recent Namco Tekken stick. When you move all direction, you feel exactly 4 sides. It is a square. So down is a side, right is a side, up is a side, left is a side. Down left is a corner, down right is a corner, up right is a corner, up left is a corner. Thats the 4 sided joystick.

An 8 sided octagon stick has 8 sides. Every direction you push, you feel a distinct spot for it. No corners at all.

you have to clarify what your talking about
we dont know what that custom chun-li stick is
and everystick has 8 directions
you mean an 8 direction gate maybe
if so your probably talking about a japanese stick with a 8way gate

i hope your not talking about a complete stick (buttons,woods,pcb) because if your asking for one for 60 prepared to be laughed at

also this should be posted in the trading forum

Never did I mention I would buy, sell, or trade with anyone here.

But thanks for letting me know the directional gate term which I should use to explain this type of controller in the future.

Prepare to spend at least $140.00 for a good one then. You’ll NEVER find a good stick for under $60.00.

If you have the Tekken 5 stick or the Namco, or other various hori sticks, you can adapt them to use the JLF octagon gate. There’s a thread somewhere made by jumpsuit where he tells how to do this. It’s now called the “Jumpsuit Mod” after him.


I’m confused with this talk of Square/Octagon sized sticks and all. Anyone know which a Happ competition is supposed to have?

Which brings me to my second point, kids. Don’t do crack.

There are HRAP’s going on Ebay for around $90 shipped. Then you could spend like another $10 for an octagonal gate shipped. $100…That’s probably the cheapest you’d be looking at for a good stick that’s not used.

Dimmu, try to write a bit more naturally–actually, I guess your alright, I understand everything that you’re saying, but it reads funny… Like you might be a killer robot or something.

There are a ton of options to get an octagonal gate stick (or “8-sided” as you put it). Your best would naturally be to buy a custom–this will run you a pretty penny (140+). ALternatively, you may mod any factory-made non-sanwa stick with a sanwa stick + octagonal gate OR you may mod any factory-made sanwa or non-sanwa stick with a sanwa octagonal gate (putting a sanwa gate on a non sanwa stick will only work for Some non-sanwa sticks). There are some vague and specific instructions on how to mod these things floating around on these forums. You can browse for them or better yet, just try and do it yourself and hope you don’t mess up.

are sticks really that expensive= = i bought a stick for like 30 US dollars= =

then…wouldn’t that be like garbage= =

^not necessarily. The tekken stick could be had for 30 when it was clearanced at EB. Switch out the stick and you got yourself HRAP quality for about $70ish. $80ish and you have your gate.

I just got me a DOA4 stick last night for $25 which I thought was good, but I needed a new case for my old crappy stick box(sanwa parts), so I’m gonna use this one. Probably throw a PSX pcb in there so I can use it for both PC, 360(if the 2d fighter ever become backwards compatible), and ps2.

T5 stick at Fry’s - 49.99
8 Sanwa buttons - 8*2.25 = 18.00
Sanwa stick - 18.95
Octagonal gate - 3.50

Total = 90.44 + shipping + tax

I’d recommend Ponyboy for sanwa parts. If HRAP is going for 90 on ebay, might as well just get that and octagon gate then you’re set. If you have a spare sanwa stick, go with T5 stick and mod it.

there was a thread a while back that said that you can put an octagon gate directly on a doa4 stick… if you can find one still.

There are “gates” and there are “actuators”. The gate is the hole that the shaft moves in, the actuator is attached TO the shaft and is what hits the switches. Refer to the Happ Competition disassembly diagram [HERE]. It has a square actuator #95-0197-00 and a round gate #95-0192-00.

Happ Supers use a round actuator and a square gate.

Sanwa uses a round actuator and a square gate but their gates can be easily changed for other shapes (like octagon).

It’s the combination of the gate/actuator that affects how the joystick feels, along with the return-to-center spring hardness, handle shape, mounting depth, and (to a lessor extent) the microswitches used on the joy. If you compare the Comp to the Super, you can see why the diagonals are easier to hit with the Comp… The large square actuator fills the space between the shaft and the switches so less shaft motion is required to hit the switches in a “diagonal direction”.

I believe the original poster is saying he prefers an octagon gate. Probably a balltop sanwa, hence the difficulty finding a complete panel for under $60.

I see, thanks for that informative reply GoPod! :slight_smile: