[Oct 8, 2011] Featuring Mvc3, Smash, Sf4AE. Free pizza!... (Madison, Wisconsin)

(back In Madison [Double Bowser]) 2

Date: Saturday, October 8, 2011

Location: Carson’s Carryout second floor, 1515 Tripp Circle Madison, Wisconsin

Location “A” on the map. Go in the front door and up the stairs to your left.
If you switch to satellite view, you can see just to the East a huge, free parking lot literally 20 yards from the venue! It’s labeled “Lot 34.”
Prices: $3.00 venue fee (waived with full setup)
$10.00 Melee singles
$20.00 Melee doubles ($10 per person)
$10.00 Brawl singles
$20.00 Brawl doubles ($10 per person)
$5.00 MvC 3
$5.00 SSF4
$5.00 Third Strike
Payout: 60/30/10 doubles
60/30/10 singles


11:00 AM - Venue opens/registration starts
12:00 PM - Brawl doubles
12:00 PM – Melee doubles
1:00 PM - MvC 3
3:00 PM - Brawl singles
4:00 PM – Melee singles
5:00 PM - SSF 4
7:00 PM - Third Strike
11:00 PM - Venue closes

Marvel vs Capcom 3 Rules:

-Default settings
-3 out of 5 matches.
-Loser may change characters/assists. Winner cannot change characters or assists (character lock).
-Both players may alter their order by holding A1 or A2 during loading.

Super Street Fighter 4 Rules:

  • 2/3 Rounds, 2/3 Games, 99 Seconds, No Handicap
    -If the players do not agree on a stage within 15 seconds, the match will be random stage select.
    -Winner must keep the same character, but can select a new ultra in game 2 or 3, but has to pick the ultra before the opponent picks theirs. This does not apply to blind pick.
    -winners, losers, and grand finals will be 3 out of 5. player from losers in grand finals must win 2 sets to win.

Note: there will be free pizza and juston sticks (cheese stuff on a stick lol) and I’m also working on free drinks. I can’t promise it, but I’ll try to get free drinks

Marvel and SF4 will most likely be on PS3 again

Might show for marvel, depending on if I decide to put any time into it in the next couple weeks

how many people are you guys expecting for ssf4 without who ever decides to come from milwaukee?

Probably not that many (around 8 if it’s the same as last time) but if you want to come down for the day we could play all day at the event. I’ve been practicing and while your still significantly better than me I’m trying to get better.

Also if you want to come to Madison for the weekend I’m 99% sure you could stay over at our (dooku and me) apartment and we could just play AE or whatever you want to play.

to be honest Madwak, not that many, mvc3 got 7 or 8 people last time, and street fighter got 7 people as well I think. I’m going to talk to mundungu on seeing if we can get the 3rd strike to be a 5 dollar entry fee. there’s about 5 smashers that are okay, and I think one of them is pretty good.

I also decreased the mvc3 game to $5 because…I can’t take it as a serious competitive game, plus umvc3 is coming out soon. and street fighter to $5 to encourage more entrys.

I’ll try to go, probably entering everything.

edit: except brawl

i seee. I might have to take you up on that offer Alex. it is the week before seasons beatings though so I gotta see how much money I have.

does anyone have a perference on soda?

dr pepper

I may come up for this as well.

Might come up for this. Where’s 3rd Strike on that list of games?

alright, I got third strike up here, my main concern was to make sure we had enough setups, but we are good. We will have 2 setups for third strike for sure. Third strike will be on ps3. if anyone has an issue with it being on ps3 please let me know so we can work something out.

If you all are interested in coming for MvC and SF4, I could raise entry fee back up to $10. It was $10 for each last time, but a bunch of people didn’t enter because it was too expensive, but it’s looking better for this time. It’s really up to you guys, I’m good either way.

Sanchaz are you organizing pizza funds again?

yeah, venue fee/my money will be going towards pizza.

I’m fine with $5 and I’d be fine with $10. Truthfully, I’d rather more people entered and got exposed (hah!) to a tournament setting than less people enter and possibly have larger 1st place prize. I don’t travel for just the money anyway, so if more people have fun, then I’m all for that.

Ok we’ll keep the $5 for this tourney, and might make the next one (sometime in November) $10 entry for both.

Talked with the wife, should be there. Hope that doesn’t change.

How long will Melee singles take? I might enter that for old time’s sake and see if Yoshi can’t piss someone off if it doesn’t require a change of address and a part-time job while I wait for the tournament to end.

Singles will start around 4:00 and take around 6 hours or so. It would be a lot shorter if we didn’t have to wait for brawl matches. I’m guessing the swiss portion will take about 3.

I’m not going, I don’t enjoy marvel very much any more, and I promised a friend that we’d play Dark Souls tomorrow.