[Oct 23, 2011] River City Ranbats Season 1 (AE, MVC3, 3S, MK9) (Jacksonville Florida)

River City Ranbats Season 1 FAQ

What: Ranbat = Ranking Battles, a semi-casual and fun way to level up your game!
**Where: Hammer Hall Gaming , **1271 King Street, Jacksonville Florida 32204
Why: To have fun, level up our game and win cash and prizes!
When: Each Sunday starting at 5:00 PM (schedule below)

Importaint Dates

Event Date Note
[S][S]Casuals @ Hammer Hall[/S] [S]September 4th, 2011[/S][/S]
[S][S]River City Ranbats 1.1[/S] [S]September 11th, 2011[/S][/S]
River City Ranbats 1.2 September 18th, 2011
River City Ranbats 1.3 September 25th, 2011
River City Ranbats 1.4 October 2nd, 2011
River City Ranbats 1.5 October 9th, 2011
River City Ranbats 1.6 Finals October 16th, 2011
ExpCon October 23rd, 2011
River City Rumble Tournament II October 30th 2011

Schedule*(tentative, times subject to number of participants for each games)*

Time Event
5:00 PM Registration starts / Casuals start
6:00 PM Registration ends / SSFIV:AE starts
7:30 PM Street Fighter III : 3rd Strike Online starts
8:30 PM Marvel vs Capcom 3 starts

Games will be seeded with the top 3 ranbat totals starting week 2. Location seeding will be considered. See more rules below. All above games will be played on XBOX 360

Point Structure
1st - 9 points
2nd - 7 points
3rd - 5 Points
4th - 3 Points
5th - 1 points
6th and lower - 0.5 points
Points are accumulated weekly and will reported on the SRK forum and in a google doc.

Results can be found in the below link:


Fee’s / Registration
[][FONT=Arial]Venue fee - Mandatory $5 upon entry, good for casuals all day as ranbat schedule allows. Venue fee to be paid at front desk to get your wristband.[/FONT]
][FONT=Arial]Venue fee is waived if a setup used for the tournament/ranbat. Please get with birds! or sying![/FONT]
[*][FONT=Arial]Pot entry fee- $5 per game for entry into each ranbat week each game for SSFIV:AE ,MVC3 and for 3rd Strike. This fee is to be paid to birds! or sying.[/FONT]
For each week please register at the link below. This will help us determine the number of setups required, populate brackets and help us run the tournament more efficently.


[][FONT=Arial]No drinking or drugs or fighting on premesis. We do not want to lose this venue. If you have or partake in drinking/drugs/Bionic Arming on premesis you forefit all fees paid that day and you will be removed from the premesis. NO EXCEPTIONS.[/FONT]
][FONT=Arial]Standard EVO rules apply. Default settings for all games.[/FONT]
[][FONT=Arial]The tournament is BYOC. Bring your own stick or controller.[/FONT]
][FONT=Arial]For all games there will be best of 3 in bracket play, best of 5 in losers finals, winners finals and grand finals.[/FONT]
[][FONT=Arial]Gill is banned in 3rd Strike[/FONT]
][FONT=Arial]Any game breaking glitches executed will result in automatic disqualification in a match. Don’t do it![/FONT]
[*][FONT=Arial]It is the winners responsibility to report to birds! or sying that he/she won. Don’t make us hunt you down![/FONT]
Payout / Prizes

Payout Structure

Of the pot entry fee 75% of the total pot per game will be payed out that current week. The remaining 25% will be pooled and distributed to the top 3 points winners at the end of the ranbat season according to the point structure above.

Place Weekly Winners (75% of weekly pot of each game)
1st 60%
2nd 30%
3rd 10%

Ranbat Season Winners (accumulated pot of 25% of weekly pots / per game)
1st 60%
2nd 30%
3rd 10%

Ranbat Raffle
There will also be a raffle at the end of the ranbat for even more prizes. Each week’s entry in a game will earn you one ticket. Bringing a full setup (at least monitor/TV and system) will earn you an extra ticket. The drawing will take place on October 16th, 2011 during Ranbat Season 1 Finals.

Links to the prizes:

Custom balltops from Pilgrim Pud

Tek-innovations plexi and replacement artwork

More prizes to be added as the season progresses!

Weekly Additional Prizes

Top two winners in each game will receive raffle tickets from the owners in a seperate drawing. Prizes to be determined.

All games
1-800-SOO-GDLK- Pot bonus of $43.55 will be given to the winner if he/she earns the max number of points for in the season (per game).

Final Note

Please make it a point to attend as much as you can, the more you attend the more points you get. If you can’t attend this ranbat please attend tyger’s Orange Park ranbat at Underground Alley. **Support your local scene! Like the Facebook, follow the twitter, follow the SRK thread! **

Hopefully if this gets popular we will be able to move to a larger venue/better date and time and be able to record and stream these tournaments.

Edited the payout to 6/3/1 from 7/2/1 .

Remember to register!

Results from week 1.1 (spreadsheet to be edited tonight). Congratulations to all week 1 winners!

1: Private Joker - 9
2: TKK - 7
3: Trey – 5
4: Jason - 3
5: Vinyl Richie - 1
5: Ghost - 1
7: Jei - .5
7: Zeroender - .5
9: Wildcard - .5
9: Tyger - .5
9: SU Jabarbo - .5
9: Jellgeta - .5
13: Lukenessmonster - .5
13: Dolphin Mcalister - .5
13: FMH Clay - .5
13: ABG - .5

1: TKK - 9
2: Tree - 7
3: Ghost - 5
4: Dolphin Mcalister - 3
5: Vinyl Richie - 1
5: Bear - 1
7: Trey - .5
7: Prof. BlueNocturne - .5
9: Jason - .5
9: SU Jabarbo - .5
9: Tyger - .5
13: Birds - .5
13: Berserk - .5
13: Mugen - .5

1: Ghost - 9
2: Tree – 7
3: Zeroender - 5
4: Bear - 3
5: Vinyl Richie - 1
5: SU Jabarbo - 1
7: Birds - .5
7: Berserk - .5
9: Prof. BlueNocturne - .5
9: Tyger - .5
End of Season Pot
SSFIV:AE - $20
SFIII:3s - $18.75
MVC3 - $12.50

Big question here. Right now it seems I work every sunday from 11am-6pm but they usually send me home early (like 4pm or 5pm) if I got there at like 5:50 or something would I be able to still register please answer because I would love to keep playing there and I just want to see when the registration actually ends

Come on now, you know a staple of FG tournaments that it NEVER starts on time. NEVER. We usually start around 515, preregister on the link and we will try to include you in the brackets. You can text me at 9049628200 or PM birds! if you cant make it. No promises though. Reminder that seeding is put into effect going forward so you might have to be put with an unfavorable matchup beginning your brackets,

It doesnt matter if im put in a unfacorable match-up just means I need to learn said match-up :slight_smile: but ya most likely if I can make it there I would TRY to be there ASAP :slight_smile: also I know tournaments never start on time but I just want to be sure about everything and whatnot so I try not to miss these awesome tournaments :slight_smile:

Also did you mean registration starts at 5:15? if not then I thought the registration ended at 6pm? (just trying to be sure here)

Yeah why are we talking about you missing sheet when you are arriving at 550, thats totally fine. Yeah I meant we never start on time, we usually start 15 after 6:00**.** My bad. PM birds! this week too please. I’m going to be out of town but will be back on Sept 25th.

Well I meant that as an example but if I get off work early I should be there early and if I don’t get off work early I might not make it in time to register

Cool, text either birds! or me if you will be running late and we will make every accommodation that we can make, but no promises. If you have any further questions PM me. Thanks for your support of the scene, look forward to your mad Gen running through the brackets.

haha thanks I am training alot now since when I first came there I didn’t train much before the tournament thats changing now only thing that stops me from doing so is work school and other important RL stuff XD but yes if I will be running late I will text you. By the way what is your number?

Just saying the worst case scenario is I get there by 6:30. But like I said I usually get off work early on sundays unless its REALLY busy.

Its great to see a fighting game community in Jville! When im home I may stop in for some runs!

Sorry for the late update, points standings / pot totals as of River City Ranbats 1.2:

2: Private Joker
3: Jason
4: Dolphin Mcalister
5: Jei
5: Get The Biz
7: Trey
7: Jellgeta
9: ABG
9: Vinyl Richie[/INDENT]

[INDENT=1]1: Jason
2: TKK
3: Vinyl Richie
4: Birds
5: Jei
5: Get The Biz[/INDENT]


Yeah… that’s right… MvC3 got a “bye” this week. So no points on that one.


Private Joker - 16
TKK - 16
Jason - 8
Trey - 5.5
Dolphin Mcalister - 3.5
Jei- 2.5
Vinyl Richie - 2.5

Get the Biz - 2
Ghost - 2
ABG - 1
Jellgeta - 1
FMH Clay - 0.5
Lukenessmonster - 0.5
SU Jabarbo - 0.5
Tyger - 0.5
Wildcard - 0.5
[SIZE=2]Zero Ender -0.5[/SIZE]
TKK - 16
Jason - 9.5
Tree - 7
Vinyl Richie - 7
Ghost - 5
Birds - 3.5
Dolphin Mcalister - 3
Bear - 2

Get the Biz - 2
Jei - 2
Beserk - 0.5
Mugen - 0.5
Prof. BlueNocturne - 0.5
SU Jabarbo - 0.5
Trey - 0.5
Tyger - 0.5

Ghost - 9
Tree - 7
Zeroender - 5
Bear - 3
Vinyl Richie - 2
SU Jabarbo - 2
Birds - 0.5
Berserk - 0.5
Prof. BlueNocturne - 0.5
Tyger - 0.5
Breakdown of results can be found here…

Season totals:
SSFIV:AE - $32.50
SFIII:3sOE - $25.00
MvC3 - $12.50
Lower turnout in week two but lets get hype for week 3! New promotion, if you have attended 4 out of the 5 ranbats, week 6 will be paid by yours truly. So basically attend the next three ranbats and get your final venue fee waived!
Also will be adding an 1 year XBL card in addition to the custom balltops and plexi/artwork replacements for your TE stick.
About the heat, I’ll have a cooler and will buy ice and water to try to keep you guys cool. Thats the best we can do for now until we get another venue / or the weather changes.
Bought 2 more EVO monitors (and speakers for my Alienware, so we can actually use it) so hopefully brac

No facebook fan page , but friend scrubs mcsalty. Thats me : p

Kratos is usually banned from tourney play.

But do check out the event at the end of the month at the same place:


Hate to rain on a parade, but Richmond,VA has already taken the “River City Ranbats” as a title for tourneys. Next season will be for UmvC3.

We’ve also done “River City Rumble” and “River City Runbacks”, both fairly large tournaments that will become annual.

It’s not like I’m gonna file copyright or some bullshit, just trying to avoid any possible confusion in advertising.

Since you decided to make this public and not PM me im going to call you out, like you called me out.

1.) We have been operating throughout the summer and you choose now to “claim your name”?
2.) You do not own the name River City:

3.) You’ve had tournaments in the past, here’s a cookie. I have too.
4.) I’ve put a significant amount of resources into my marketing, specifically rivercityrumble.org and AG Kazi developing a flyer for me (~$100). If you want, I will disregard that you are acting like an asshat, and I will transfer the intellectual property to you and relinquish the naming rights. If not I’ll continue using the name and you will yours.
5.) Go ahead and file your copyrights

Whoa, whoa. I come in peace. Sorry I didn’t pm.

The copyrights comment was a 100% joke because of how ridiculous it was.

This is the first time I noticed in bc the tournaments and events section is so cluttered. So if it took me 2 months to notice, probably not a big deal.

I’m not angry or anything… I’m not even trying to get you guys to change shit. I’m just seeking a way to avoid possible confusion w larger tournaments and streams.

Maybe river city JAXbats, and/or I could append RVA to ours.

I actually like JAXbats a lot actually. Wish RVA was one syllable somehow.

Sorry if I came off as asshatty, it was not my intent.

1.) Yeah, its cool, I guess I ended up being the asshat. I always say intent doesn’t get transmitted over the internets. :slight_smile:
2.) Copyrights are for songs,books,content etc… trademark is what you want in the future. Buisness law FTW
3.) Fair enough, River City Jaxbats, but still going to use rumble. I will not use Runbacks. Maybe we can have a Tale of Two River Cities :RVA vs JAX!
4.) RVAge, like Ravage?
5.) Sorry I was so defensive. You have like 12 names you can draw from and I only have 1 that I have marketed thats all. GL in your tourneys my friend.