[Oct 20, 2012] WCS Presents: Nickel City Saturdays (Northbrook, IL)

WCS Presents
Nickel City Saturdays

Nickel City
555 Waukegan Road
Northbrook, IL 60062
847 559 8727

[LEFT]The Chicago Fighting Game Scene is returning to its roots. Every Saturday night, we’re going back to Nickel City for fun, games, food, friends, and fights. Be sure to be there, as we’ll all be leveling up, one nickel at a time.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Oh, and there’s no venue fee for the first few gatherings. Get hype.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]7 pm - Arcade Close[/LEFT]
[LEFT]No venue fee[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Bring your own controllers, systems, games, monitors, and cables.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Questions or comments, contact CurlyW (301 404 0316, maxwasserman@gmail.com) or Tactics (630 433 6979, domingoayala3@gmail.com)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]We’re back.[/LEFT]

So is anybody going to this, how does this work, is it being set up by a host like most tournaments, or is it like just free space and whoever brings what plays whats?

Last Sat. we had about $25 people, 8-10 setups, and TONS OF ELBOW ROOM!!! It’s pretty sweet actually. From what I hear, there are going to be monthly tourneys announced, with the rest of the nights being casuals so everyone can talk and level up. And we have huge support from the owner. GET HYPE!

Thats whats up i might check it out this saturday, what games were being play and on what systems, was it the usual AE, MVC3 etc for the 360?

It was mostly AE & UMvC3 on 360, with some KoF & HDR on PS3

Cool i’ll most likely be there i may have a TV to bring at that