[Oct 20, 2012] Local Battles Presents: Drive Cancel (Fort Lee, NJ)

Local Battles and NJ Marco Polo would love to welcome you to the first ever KOF weekly show in the East Coast: Drive Cancel!

Drive Cancel is dedicated to raising attention and awareness towards the East Coast scene for The King of Fighters XIII. Hosted by 2-time Kumate Champion, Marco Polo, Drive Cancel teaches new players the fundamentals of KOF XIII, and helps current players level up their game and raise the EC scene to new heights!

The stream is shot at Local Battles in Fort Lee, NJ, and is now THE home for the East Coast KOF scene. All are welcome to come by during the show and learn about the game or just level up. The venue is located at Local Battles in Fort Lee, NJ, and if anyone watches LB’s Salty Battles or Jaxel when he streams there, you’d know that Local Battles is one of the most comfortable venues around. So feel free to come by and help DC and your East Coast Scene out!

Aside from helping players level up, we also give you viewers the latest in KOF-related news. We try to keep track of everything that’s KOF related for the upcoming week so that you know where to get your KOF fix in terms of daily streams, news, tournaments, and etc. Support the KOF scene in general, because the more people get into KOF XIII, the bigger turnout for tournaments there are and, of course, more real honest competition!

So help out your local KOF scene here by tuning in every Saturday, 8 PM EST. You’re free to ask any questions about KOF XIII on the stream. It doesn’t matter what level you are or how easy the question is. This weekly stream is entirely dedicated to YOU. If you’re someone who has a small scene, can’t get people to play KOF, or you just don’t have a scene in general, then this is why we’re here for. We’re here to help and support all of you in trying to get your KOF scene up, and also to let you know that there’s always a home for you, and that’s here at Drive Cancel!

Here are the links to help us out:


Also, support our big regional tournament, the Drive Cancel Regionals! DCR is comin real soon, and there’s a huge pot at stake!

http://dcr1.eventbrite.com/ <------Registration ($15 Dollar Early Bird Special)

So tune in! And may the Dream Matches never End!

this is cancelled right?