[Oct 2, 2012] The On Blast Show Ep14: Lia Montelongo 100% Confirmed (The Streets of NY!)

(Episode14 Preview)
Update on last week Lia had her days mixed up and thought it was thurs she promises to be on this week episode and apologizes for the confusion last week!
Its that time again and we have another great guest coming on!
Did you love playing as the scream queen Sindel?
Miss the days where we used to play as Tanya?
Ever wondered what happened to Sareena?
Well guess what we will have Lia Montelongo Live and on the show to take your questions!
We will give the current status on the OBS tourney!
Also we will hit on Season’s Beating with all the pop offs and salt!
All this and more on the show Tuesday Night at 10pm Est! http://twitch.tv/theonblastshow


(Questions Updated)
We will be taking questions over twitter & facebook and i will be reading them live on the show. So if you have any question please send them over to http://twitter.com/theonblastshow or http://facebook.com/theonblastshow ALSO WE ARE NOW GONNA TAKE QUESTIONS ON THE FORUMS TOO SO PLEASE LEAVE A QUESTION!

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(Last Week Episode13)
Guests List: Draxxon, Mikemetroid , DarkTrax, Gerchap, Pherleece, 1man3letters, Emp Triforce, DJ L Toro, Reo, Marvaz, Robyn Brown & Trepound


We are now live with our first guest Lia Montelongo (Sindel/Tanya/Sareena) Send in your questions! http://www.twitch.tv/theonblastshow