Oct, 17, 2015 [Ottawa, ON] Super Gonq Battles: 2nd Impact


Super Gonq Battles: 2nd Impact
Ottawa’s - once in a blue moon - fighting game tournament
Hosted by Algonquin College’s Video Game Club

Ottawa, Ontario.
1385 Woodroffe Ave.
Algonquin College, Robert C. Gillett Student Commons
The entire 2nd floor (Smash) and rooms e206a/b

Saturday, 17, October 17
10 (morning) to 12 (night)

$5 venue fee (one time) for tournament participants.
$5 pot entry to main games.

Yes. It’s free all-day parking outside the Student Commons Building (E Building)

  • There is no venue fee for spectators or playing casuals
  • Venue fee is waived if you bring a setup (console/lagless monitor/CRT)

Ottawa is hosting one more East Coast Canadian tournament before Canada Cup. Come get your fill of games and practice!

Main Games:

Ultra SFIV
Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign-
Super Smash Bros. Melee - Singles Tournament
(Round Robin Pools, followed by Double Elim)
Smash 4


There are no official side tournaments but we will provide you space if you bring setups and gather entrants

We’re expecting some love from:
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
Skullgirls Encore
Tekken Tag Tournament 2
Street Fighter 2 HD Remix

There will be no mystery game tournament this time because of time constraints =(

Tournament Start-times:

10 AM - Venue Opens, Registration Opens
12 PM - Melee (Singles), Smash 4 (Singles)
2 PM - Melee (Doubles)
4 PM - USF4, GG Xrd, Smash 4 (Doubles)

It is well-ventilated and roomy, but please remember to shower and wear deodorant. There should be plenty of electrical for setups and a Starbucks downstairs.

Keep an eye on this page for updates!

There is a limit to our resources; we ask the community to please bring setups so that the tournament will run smoothly. Volunteers are exempt from the venue fee! Please bring consoles with games patched to their latest versions or a lagless monitor/CRT. Also, let us know at the sign-up desk!

Congratulations to all the winners! For everyone else, better luck next time. We hope you had fun.
Smash 4 Singles results:
1st - Holy
2nd - Venom
3rd - JPeds
4th - Doom
5th place tie - Artryuu & Guard
7th place tie - BreaD & Kingkong

Smash 4 Doubles results:
1st - Doom + Guard
2nd - JBreaD
3rd - Patch the Gear
4th - Holy + Venom

Melee Singles results:
1st - Chocolate Factory
2nd - Arbitur
3rd - Flood
4th - Last Place
5th place tie - Lacroix & Koop
7th place tie - Don & Spaceghost

Melee Doubles results:
1st - Flood + ChocolateFactory
2nd - Arbitur + Lacroix
3rd - Kevin + Puke

Guilty Gear Xrd results (Challonge incomplete):
1st - Brice
2nd - Thelo
3rd - Sage
4th - Kazuhiro
Grand finals was 3-1 Brice

Ultra Street Fighter 4 results:
1st - Rami
2nd - 10MileAroma
3rd - iMegaBeast
4th - Kingsley

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo results (Challonge incomplete):
1st - Thelo
2nd - Geneijin87
3rd place tie - Ego & Hashdaddy
Grand finals was 3-2 Thelo