[Oct 15, 2011] P2D OktoberFist 2011 (Makati City)

Pinoy2DFighters presents OktoberFist 2011.

SSFIV AE 2v2 teams
Mortal Kombat

October 15, 2011. Saturday. Door Opens at 10:15AM and Tourney will officially start at 1PM sharp!

3rd floor Emporio Building corner Sgt. Fabian Yabut Circle St. and Orense St. Guadalupe Nuevo, Makati City (aka Iggy’s place)
Google Map link: http://bit.ly/9ObiBO

Map, since the one up top doesn’t seem to recognize the address



Tourney Fees:
400 pesos per team for SSF4:AE tourney (200 per head)
FOR TEAMS WITH AT LEAST ONE FIRST TIME ATTENDEE, the fee will only be 350 per team! (175 per head)

150 pesos for MK9 tourney


The cash prize will be distributed into certain percentages for 1st and 2nd placers (prize for 3rd place is still under consideration). Although, the percentages are dependent on the number of participants. Also, total pot is reduced by the rental fee of the venue.


  • Race to 2 rounds, best of 3 TEAM matches (a team win is when the opposing team is eliminated), same format throughout the tourney
  • DOUBLE ELIMINATION, winner moves on and loser goes to loser’s bracket.
  • Players can request the marshal for a blind pick (To prevent counter-picking, each player will whisper their chosen character to the match marshal)

You can call these numbers for inquiry: (and para sa mga naligaw na rin)
(0921)677.9408 (look for iggy)
(0917)540.6478 (look for ron)

Official Oktoberfist 2011 Thread at Pinoy2DFighters

AE Team building thread at P2D:

MK tournament thread at P2D:

Alright! Fight fight fight!


Still no replies? HYPE THIS SHIT!!!

Trailer added.

Ah Xian is attending!! Cross Counter Asia coverage!!! THE HYPE IS OVER 9000!!! :)))


2 days to go…

Congratulations to Xian and Jeremy from Team Singapore for taking all our money.

Looks like we need to level up boys.

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