[Oct 1, 2011] Takashi Cup 10/1/2011 (Middletown, CT)

Hey guys, after a bit too long of a hiatus, we are back for our first tournament in a while. Attendance really started to dip in our last few events, I’m hoping with all the new people I see showing up and playing we go back to having a great event with a ton of people. Any questions just post them or shoot me a message.

WHO: Courtesy of the Miyamoto League, LLC

WHAT: Takashi Cup - SSFIV & MvC3 Double Elimination Tournament

WHEN: October 1, 2011, 4:00PM

WHERE: A New World Laser Tag & Underworld Gaming: 423 Main Street, Middletown, CT - (860) 343-399

Entrance Fee: $15.00-25.00 ($5.00 venue fee, $10.00 tournament fee per game)


  • XBox 360
  • BYO Stick/Pad;
  • At least two ASUS HDMI Evo Standard Monitors
  • Two standard-definition CRT TVs (lag-free)

Tournament Style:

  • Evo-standard, double-elimination bracket (courtesy of CHALLONGE! - Tournament Brackets - Single & Double Elimination, Round Robin, Swiss)
  • All matches will be best of three rounds, best of three games up until winners’/losers’ finals
  • Winners’/losers’ finals will be best of three rounds, best of five games
  • Grand finals are best of three rounds, best of five games as well. Winner of losers’ finals has to win twice to take first place.

Payout: 70/20/10-percent split (Entrance fee reimbursed for second runner up if 10% is less than entrance fee).

Tournament Organizer(s): Blondie

Questions/Comments: Email - takashicup@miyamotocup.com; Mobile - 860-559-8518<-- If you have text messaging, feel free to do so first before calling

Extra Information:

  • Because the venue sells it’s own drinks/food, no PAID FOR OUTSIDE FOOD OR BEVERAGES SOLD AT THE VENUE allowed inside the venue (venue prices are fairly cheap).
  • Just reply to the thread if you plan on attending, bringing a guest, and/or may or may not attend and I’ll update the thread as needed.
  • Dependent upon how many people choose to participate, we may/may not have a lazer tag tournament after the tournaments are over.
  • There will be a challenge going on during the tournament: Land three level 3 focus attacks during a match (Opponent can not be dizzied), the prize will be a $20 giftcard to gamestop.

Hope to see a good showing!

Something I need to stress for everyone: Please come on time. We’ve had some trouble with this in the past; we’d really like to not run into this again. While we understand that things happen, at the same time it sucks for us and the rest of the players to have to wait. The sign-ups start at 4:00PM, please try to be there at 4:00PM. If not everyone is here at 4, we’ll wait until 4:30 to make brackets and start taking money. If we’re still waiting, we will start WITH OR WITHOUT YOU AT 5:00 PM. We will try to queue some people’s matches last if you still need some extra time as long as you can confirm that you’ll be here, but if we don’t get a call or a post CONFIRMING that you’ll be present, we’re not going to enter you in the tournament. The phone number is there for a reason, please use it.

Due to running two tournaments at the same time, we have found ourselves lacking in setups for casuals and perhaps even tournament stations. So we are asking the community for a little help. As a league we try and provide as much of our own equipment as possible to make things easier and enjoyable for the community. We currently have four monitors as you guys saw last time, we would like to have six. Two for SSF4 tournament, Two for MvC3 tournament, and one casual station for each game. This means we need at least two monitors and while we probably will not need systems as there are plenty there, people who can bring two 360’s (at least one we would like all MvC3 characters including Shuma and Jill unlocked) would really help us out. Of course bringing either of those for us willl get you a waived venue fee (even if we wind up not using your system). Obviously this is First post, First serve to whoever posts they will be bringing them first but you can still post you have stuff to bring in case one of the original people fall through or we decide we need more setups (I’m not personally adverse to having eight instead of six to be honest). Thanks in advance guys!

Ill be there

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Looking forward to it.

Yo ulllllll! I’m in, and I can bring a CRT if you’d like. Are you only running SSFIVAE, though? Needs more MK.

Might be in there.

I can’t believe I forgot to add this, but it is not just AE, there will also be MvC3 there. Depending on the time and number of entrants, systems and setups I would be fine having a MK tournament on the side. I’ll update the thread to reflect this.

It says it’ll only take me 20 minutes to make it there from work so if I have a 4-2 shift on the 1st then I’ll definitely be there!

Im a maybe. I might come down to play casuals.

If I work out a ride up there, I can more than likely bring at least two small CRTS and 1 - 2 360’s each with AE installed (no disc needed). I am coming regardless though.

Bluenine the Genie just wants to take more people’s money. I might see about showing up to this, Blue if my boys can’t make it…would you mind pickin me up?

I will bring that CRT, then. Should I bring a system as well?

I got you (again), if you need.

Tiger that would be awesome, the more setups the better! We have the room and I can always make some more.

Sho, you damn well better be there, hell I was expecting the entirety of the windsor warlords to be showing up, especially since it’s in middletown.

Blue a crt would be great if you can swing a system with AE on it as well that would also be fantastic.

Benny, hope you can make it, it’s been a while since we’ve played.

Raion you’re back at central right, did you need a ride or is the maybe for other potential obligations?

Where’s everybody else at? Manny, Essex, Kryonik, Tommy, G0dhand, Joey, Magno, the rest of the MA crew get in here guys!

I’ll bring both.

I’m going to try to make it!

I will be there

I am definitely bringing two full AE setups with me. The crts are only 13 inches, but it’s still better than none. Look forwards to seeing everyone there!!

I’ll be there

As of right now I have a ride. I’ll let you know if anything changes.

awww i wish i didn’t already make plans this weekend i woulda showed up! =[