OC cvs2: is there anyone left?

or is it just me?

i know that there are a handful of people that still play but they NEVER POST ON SRK, making them completely invisible until you stumble across them randomly at camelot or something. start posting assholes. i know you all know who i am. im the only guy in socal that plays geese/cammy/sagat all day every day.

Sup man! Damn, I can’t believe Camelot still exists. It used to be the place for the best competition in Cvs2 ever. I haven’t been to arcades for more than a year, so I have no idea how things are going now. I haven’t played Cvs2 at all. Cvs2 is my favorite game and I should be super rusty.

When do you usually play at Cameron’s? Is there still a Cvs2 machine? Tell me your “schedule” and I’ll show up to play some games with you man. I want to relearn my skills with someone that knows what he’s going. I played you a couple of times and I know you are good.

HOpe to play you soon at Cameron’s. Peace out man!



im usually just at camerons on weekday afternoon. i dont really have a schedule of going, but you’ll probably catch me there on mondays and tuesdays for sure, unless i have work.

dang whatever happened to oc scrub co?