Obscure versions of Street Fighter II


I didnt know about this stuff. Street Fighter II on the NES. LOL.

All things considered, it actually looks and sounds pretty good considering the platform it was out on.

Street Fighter V turbo 20 people.

I can rec some vids of those pirated SF2 games, if you guys want.

I like how Chunli’s legs sound like a typewriter in the Famicom version.

EDIT: this one

This version was decent.

Really the Famicom version seems pretty decent given the limitations of the hardware they had to work with. I like the fact that even with all the cuts that had to be made, Chun’s panties still made the transition.

Unrelated but gold:




I Have this upgrade board, Lol.


anyways, the music on this Amiga version of Super Street Fighter II Turbo doesn’t sound that bad:


Did Ken do a Pyscho Crusher at the beginning of that first match? :rofl:

You know…the idea of Sakura having a Deadly Rave knockoff is pretty neat.

LOL I wasn’t the only one who thought that.

Wasn’t there a version of SF2 for the SMS (Sega master system) as well?

Street Blaster V Turbo 20 Peoples for Evo.

Yes, Brazil only.
Yes, the game was made in Brazil…


Yeah I think people were pissed that instead of a straight arcade port its “remixed” by none other than U.S. Gold. Even the gameplay looks ‘remixed’, excuse me ‘butchered’, really badly I might add.

I guess Capcom just had a thing for letting USGold ruin their games. Remember Strider 2 ?

Yep, and apparently it looked pretty good too. Superior to the 8-bit and less versions, definitely.

Oh, and remember guys, these are all hacks, by various bootleg companies, and people. Some came out years back, some came out after emulation got hot on the internet. My point, most of these arent official ports.:rofl:


EDIT: After doing some digging of my own, I’ve come across several more hacks and stuff dealing with Street Fighter. I can upload them all to my site, since they arent official, or harmful to anyones products, if yall like. Anyway, I have -

Street Fighter V Turbo (20 Peoples)
Street Fighter II
Street Fighter III
Street Fighter IV

**SMS **
Street Fighter II

And a bunch more. Hell, I should just convert a section of the site for Hacked games of all kinds. lol