Obot64.com The Thread ~ 2007: A Video Revival

I’m officially coming out of retirement in 2007.

My site, Obot64.com will once again be in full effect with plenty of match vids. It seems like a few things have changed since I was posting vids, you tube and Google video seem to be popular. I’m considering using one of the two to post match vids, as posted to simply uploading them to my website and having people download them in order to watch them.

What would you like to see, from obot64.com in 2007? Speak now or forever hold your peace.

Obot: Put a link to that one song you had in one of your cvs2 vids, it went like “back up off me”. That was the hotness,

long time no see dude, a youtube channel would be nice.

I want somebody to make me a remixed CvS2 disk… and I want to have back up off me on it! ;p

Obot64 would work brilliantly on youtube. More casuals on other games too if possible. CvS2 scene has been getting stale lately.

I can tell you from the ease of use of newchallenger.net now ( I’m Chibita Jr over there btw ) that youtube is prolly the easiest to work with, video google is hard to get to work with netcode embedding and what not, youtube makes it simple.

nice to see ya among the living again. its been awhile. still doing your funny blogs?

you dumb ass nigga you shouldn’t have stop playing?

Its called finishing college with 2 degrees, and finding a job that pays a decent amount…

Its also called starting up two businesses, in your spare time… Doing all of those things does not really leave much time for playing video games competitively.

I was like 19 when I started posting vids on Obot64.com… I’m going on 24 now, as much as I hate to say it playing video games just cannot be a top priority.

(Damn I never thought I’d be saying something like that…)

Has it really been that long? Damn.

Maybe we should hold a Marvel tourney at Planet X to get some new footage!

How about having a YouTube file AND a downloadable file, like Kim does w/ his site? In that way people who don’t want to wait for a download can watch the YouTube video while people who want a decent quality video and/or want to save the videos will have something to download.

Hmn… I’ve been seriously thinking about weather or not I truly want to bring back the site. Right now its leaning in the direction of no. When I think about all the time, effort an d dedication that running a video website will require I’m a bit turned off.

This is something that a person truly has to be passionate about, as well as having the time and energy to put forth. In terms of passion, i don’t think I am as passionate about gaming in general as I once was, in terms of time, I fore sure know that I don’t have as much free time as I once did, and in terms of energy, I feel like their are a lot of projects that I should be working on instead of producing match vids, or combo videos.

That begin said, I do still want to contribute to the scene, but at this point I don’t know how I can make that possible if its in the traditional way.

If anyone else has the passion, time, energy and the will to carry on what I started I’d be more than happy to give them all the information they need for their success.

hmnn… I guess I need to find a new hobby, suggestions?

Get two arcade sticks (plus maybe a spare), bust out two or three SF games that everyone loves (ST for sure, plus whatever your friends are down with), and hold SF night once a week or twice a month. That’s all you need.

After the second time, you’ll remember 90% of what you’d forgotten and then you’ll stay on point. You can even record matches if you want, and update your website with new match vids once a month. That may seem slow but it’ll take you only a few hours per month and in a year you’ll have a huge library of content. If you spend an extra hour writing up some advice or commentary to go along with the videos you post, that’ll add up to be a huge contribution.

Or you can just forget all about the videomaking aspect of it cuz the first paragraph is more than enough.

Its my b-day so i finally decided to upload some short clips i’ve been sitting on…


oh yea, birthday moneys can be sent to Obot64 (at) gmail (dot) com via paypal.

should see two vids under my profile: direct links

1: [media=youtube]TYfLa6gvQ80[/media]
2: [media=youtube]JdiUs5jYChs[/media]


Your B-day Eh??? Why don’t you come on Alphaismradio tonight then and celebrate it?? The Host Bunkei just had his B-day yesterday ain’t that a funny coincidence.:rofl: Show’s gonna be on at around 10 P.M. EST.

Hope you can come on if not enjoy the clubbin you’ll be doing tonight.:tup:

Also HAPPY B-DAY!!!:party::party::party::party:

yea I’m def going out, but we’ll see what happens! I have to move about 5 arcades tomorrow 0_0

Happy Birthday Obot!!!:tup:

It’s obot’s bday?

happy bday man.

thanks for all the b-day wishes folks.

Which of Kim’s attacks can hit Cammy while she’s in that glitched state? Divekick and super divekick, clearly. Anything else?