O. Sagat code for SFAC PS2?

I just cant get it to work. I’ve been playing this stuff your year upon years, and just now getting into O.Sagat.

I choose SUPERT, select Sagat with lp, release, then uddu lp. Nothing.

Hold start, select super, select sagat…

I think he got nerfed in that version though so, not much of a “authentic” O. sagat experience.

That did work. But I do remember being able to do it the “normal” way, because I remember that he would say “Tiger” once you did it.

Mabey thats the difference. As you just said, I noticed his Tiger shot has normal recovery, and I fought Justin Wong(only O.Sagat player I faced) on regular ST and I remember that Tigers had almost NO recovery with 0.Sagat and coud be spammed. Doesnt look like this O.Sagat has that ability.

No, you don’t.

The code your talking about is for Super Turbo not Anniversary. So just get the old version of him like championship edition or something.

Yeah, it’s not the same version, but it’s the closest of all versions of Sagat in AC.

One question that has been on my mind for a while is, does holding start have any effect on any of the other characters/versions?

well CE sagat is closer with regards to tiger recovery. That’s why you’ll see that version get used and you never see O.AE. sagat. And yes holding start does have an effect with certain other characters. ST chun and honda get there stored moves back for example

Why are you playing this shitty game for?

^^It’s odd how everyone in the U.S. shits on AE for not being competitively playable (CE bison anyone?) yet in japan where the overall comp is better they take it more seriously as a tourney worthy game why is that?

So seriously that ST is back in the SBO lineup and AE isn’t.

@ your avatar:

Jesus, Kira wants it so bad… :lovin:

Its a GREAT game. I have played this in lieu of all Street Fighter II games, since it came out in 2003. There are some wack things about it, like moves hitting in ways that normally wouldnt happen in the original games, but overall, it doesnt affect me negatively when I play the normal HF, ST, ect.

Just like Hyper Alpha is a good game. Just like HSF2, there are slight differences, like noticeably the mash grabs.

I see it like this, in most SF games guys get nerfed as the series progresses. I think A1 had the best gameplay, followed by A2, then A3 sucked. So if you like playing Alpha 3 with the gay grabbing, weak dragon punch, and kitten damage, and I like Alpha 1 with chains, normal grabbing, huge damage, then you pick your little A3 Ryu, and get destroyed by A1 Ryu.

Those HYPER games are great. Purists can be the nerfed versions if they want, I’ll be the good version.

Plus I’m not wasting money on any CCC just for the 1 SF game in them.