O-S Dee Jay?

I came up with some option selects to punish backdashes. idk if they work on everybody, probably not chun or fuerte, I have to check.

[*]Jump in :mk: (o-s cr. :mk:) > cr. :lp:

^You can buffer a charge with this one. If the jump in whiffs you get cr. MK, which beats backdashes. Basically just double tap MK lol

[*]Jump in :mk: (o-s :mk:) > st. :mk:

^You can buffer a back charge with this one. The first one wouldn’t hit chun, but this one will, and others too I’m guessing. Just hitting MK 3x while holding back.

[*]Jump in :mk: (o-s :r::r:) > st. :mk:

^If the jump in whiffs you get a dash, which gets you in range to punish teleports. Just dash in the direction you want to dash after inputting the MK. You can’t buffer a charge until you land.

[*]Jump in :mk: (o-s cr. :hk:) > cr. :lp:

This won’t beat teleports, at least it wasn’t when I was testing it, its kind of useless, but its there.

[*] untechable knockdown > cr. :hk: (to get closer)> meaty cr. :lp: > cr. :lp: (o-s cr. :hk:) > blockstring/combo

^This one hit Dhalsim if he teleports on wakeup. It should also work against other teleport characters if your near to the corner and facing the corner (Doesn’t work on AKuma). It will catch them no matter which way they teleport, just watch out for reversals. You can buffer a charge with this one.

Just giving yall some ideas. The first one is real easy to do. I’ve never really made option selects before.

I wish you could o-s sobats on a jump in, but i don’t think you can.

So let me ask you this, HOW are you going about trying to find these OS’s? I was talking to some local players about OS’s in general as I really never tried to learn about that system or even really cared. I have since changed my mind and want/need to learn about this “meta” system. They explained to me what the system is and how it works, but as far as finding what buttons work where, I need to know what is the process as to HOW to discover what are good OS’s during BackDash, Wake-Up, Jumping out etc…

I was told try and see what Guile players are doing and maybe making adjustments to those, but I would like to know the source way to find these.

Deejay, NEEDS to be explored. I think DJ has some potential to do work and be respected in this game, but WE ALL need to dig and seek what he can do. I’m in for the long haul, who’s in with me…

honestly. i refuse to use option selects. say what you want but i feel like they shouldn’t be in the game. I wish they could take it out of the engine. What’s a fighting game w/o guessing?

LoL, you know what jCool…I totally agree…I REALLY do ( being a A2 and ST guy). I think it makes the game less mental skill based and more just muscle memory based but SSF4 is just a different beast and I do feel that new rules have to be learned to play this game at “high level”.
I would like to just play and accept the fact that I made a bad guess or I just didn’t know that match up so n so. Talking to a lot of players who are good at this game, it seems that OS’s and just this games overall "meta games’ are the only way to be consistent.
I mean, if I can do work just off of my own skills and talents I would, but SSF4 is almost “too random” NOT to just abuse the system from within to make sure that I don’t get punished for it’s randomness…

IDK…I am going to try and figure shit out on my own I guess, lol…but still Deejay still needs to be explored more…

i would option select cr. rh on back dashes but OS’s aren’t even good with charge characters. the best OS you can do is OS sweep imo

i have been doing work w/o OSing

i know you have to learn knew things to adapt and play at a high level but i’m too old school for that nonsense. . . and i’m only 19 lol

ST and HDR background. it just seems dumb to me.

Well Im 34 and I definitely know what you are talking about. That was my thing when i was talking to the other players, do Charge Charaters have really viable OS’s?! I mean it would seem to me that you don’t really have the time to do special move OS’s like QC fighters do.

I am going to try and see what’s what. For those who do care I will post whatever I can find to be discussed. While I do think OS’s are dumb, “When in Rome…”.

i respect you. i’ll be waiting on your results.

You can O-S tech with cr.mp or cr.mk depending on preference, the four frame startup of cr.mk makes it really good for this.

how do you os tech with cr. mp or mk?

maybe he meant frame trap? i dunno

also cr. mk starts in 5 frames, not 4.

@Jcool, I think he’s talking about hitting all three together like :lp::lk::mk:, if they try to throw and you time it right you get a tech. If they don’t do anything you get a cr. MK. You can also plink it to make it a 2 frame tech, like the japanese do. It would look like this:


^from bottom to top, like in training mode. I don’t do this though, I just plain crouch tech.

@dikrodnum, idk basically I just looked at what other people did, like o-s sweeping. cr. MK is DJ’s sweep, it will catch them if they backdash on wakeup unless there chun (and maybe others).

You can also o-s a cr. HK, but they will recover in time from the sweep and be able to block it if they block low, becuase it is slow. Thing is they might not be crouching low, maybe mashing backdash idk.

ANDD I think o-s isn’t that bad for charge characters. It’s just like with motion characters except you can’t o-s specials, only normals. And you can o-s some normals while still buffering a down back charge LIKE cr. MK, its simple just double tap it in the air. OR with st. MK (the chun one) you can still buffer a plain back charge and link st. MK > cr. LP/LK xx Max Out, or even into cr. MP xx sobat if your really good.

thanks for the explanation. i know how to plink just didn’t think of plinking and teching together. that’s pretty cool. might try it out in casuals.

I haven’t done it before, but in theory, I think you could use whiffed cancellable normals to O-S into a hk sobat. If you miss, nothing happens. If they throw out a limb that you beat, it will cancel into the sobat, which can then be cancelled into super… In theory. Also, the timing is probably very strict.

Granted if you have super, you could just be O-S’ing the super instead of the sobat. I’ve seen Keno do it with Balrog a bunch of times. I think he does an O-S s.mp into super. Anyway, just an idea to mess around with.

^that would work except that DJ doesn’t have long cancellable pokes. I think his longest reaching cancellable one is cr. MP lol. I wonder which normal is his longest super cancellable normal? anyone know?

Wait a second. Are you talking about trying to cancel on hit, or o-s it on whiff?

o-s sobat might actually be a pretty good o-s on wakeup, but you could only do if you don’t jump in, maybe after a forward throw. I need to test it, to see if you can o-s it, and regain the charge in time to finish a combo with it. I can see it working on characters without good reversals.

Maybe cr. :lp:/:lk: (o-s :hk: sobat + :lp::lk:) > cr. :lp:, and continue the string.

You can definitely OS U1 on wakeup.

please explain please. I don’t know what u mean.

you can empty buffer into super but deejay’s far pokes don’t have enough hit stun to make the move combo besides his cr. mp.

It’s kind of like Vega’s, Except DeeJay has no Flip to make it godlike:


i use the mk dash option select against chun and it worked. i might start os’ing more often lol

@chuck, thanks, I’ll try it, maybe it will work with U2

What did you do after the dash?