O.Honda strong throw glitch?

I was spectating a match between Ono D 303 and senshii on GGPO tonight and witnessed something I hadn’t ever seen in ST: a throw freeze glitch. I started recordingthe match right after it happened, so I don’t know exactly what happened just before the throw.

Has anyone heard of or seen this happen? Anyone know how to reproduce it? Reminds of one of the many WW Guile glitches back in the day (upside down kick freeze using sonic boom input), where Guile had to input something special (flashkick) to get out of the freeze, else the game would stay frozen at round end.

Here’s the details:

  • Boxer (1p) vs OHonda (2p)
  • Thawk’s stage
  • Under 30 seconds left on the timer
  • Boxer has nearly full meter, but not quite
  • Boxer up 1 round to 0 and ahead on life (40ish% to OHonda’s 5ish%)
  • OHonda, standing about one character width from 1p side (left) corner uses Strong throw to throw Boxer into the 1p side corner.
  • OHonda doesn’t recover from the animation and stays frozen, invincible to attacks, in the throw animation.
  • Boxer is free to move but cannot hit Ohonda. When Boxer holds away from OHonda, he enters his block animation.
  • Timer continues to count down to 0. At 0, Boxer enters his shirt rip win pose and the crowd booing audio plays. The announcer audio does NOT play. The music audio continues. The background animations continue. No text (time over) displays.
  • The game stays frozen at this point, and does not progress.

Might be something OHonda did. Might be something Boxer did.

Yes this glitch existed since SSF2, it works with N.Honda too. I remember a guy who used to do it years ago, it had something to do with doing a special and throwing at the same time like Guiles WW handcuffs !

If that’s the case, any idea what special move? I’ve tried various combinations of headbutting, buttslamming, 100 hands, and throwing with no luck yet.

I really don’t remember how it was done 13 years is along time :), I know for sure it had to be a strong throw to the back with some inputs overlapping like how Guile’s handcuffs worked in WW.

It’s weird how this bug was never documented for all these years, it might be US/Asia/ETC only cause I’ve never seen it done on a Japanese board (SSF2 or ST) just like how O.Gief still has his magic suplex in those versions while it’s not in the Japanese version.