NYC SF4 online tournament April 11th

Whats up everyone!

HEY EVERYONE CLICK HERE. I moved the thread:

This is Jay0yeah bringing you Street fighter 4 online tournaments for the Xbox 360.

Where is it? In your Xbox!

When? Every other Saturday night! The next tournament will be Saturday April 11th @ 11pm US eastern!

REMINDER Please be on at least 30 minutes before 11pm US eastern time so I can do sign ups*

Why? Cause we want to see who is the best!

How much $ is it to enter? IT’S FREE!


1st Update: Everyone must have an** AIM instant Messenger** to enter this tournament (IM me the day of the tournament so I can sign you up). We will be using AIM to form a party chat to announce matches instead of Xbox live party due to the limit of 8 players per party in Xbox live. Any questions, comments, concerns please post or send me a private message.

[COLOR=“Blue”]Send me an instant message to MY SCREEN NAME: JAY0YEAH (Copy & paste my screen name) or post up your screen name on the thread and I will add you to the AIM chat room[/COLOR]

3rd Update: Rules: The tournament will be double elimination! **Each match will be ONE match best of 5 rounds. 99 seconds on the clock. **

4th Update: Rank/Point system! There will be a point system for the “SF4 Online Random Tournaments” Here it is:

1st: [COLOR=Black]20 points
2nd: 15 points
3rd: 10 points
4th: 8 points
Tied for 5th: 6 points
Tied for 7th: 4 points
Tied for 9th: 2 points[/COLOR]

This will keep track of players ranking and who has participated in the online random tournaments. This will also keep track of players skill level.

[COLOR=“Red”]Here are the results for our 1st Random online tournament, March 21st 2009:

Click here to see bracket:

1: cohe3d [COLOR=Black](20 points)
2: zartanahunned (15 points)
3: FBI AgentTD (10 points)
4: I B Random I (8 points)
5: Dionis8534 (6 points)
5: Mista mangu ( 6 points)
7: XSilvenX (4 points)
7: Ichi Reno(4 points)
9: Biszy blanco (2 points)
9: cornnwall (2 points)
9: Me9a Chick3n (2 points)
9: Gui1tyX (2 points)
13: Crucial410
13: Ric2luv
13: Rizhall
13: olibatch
17: Jayzeroyeah[/COLOR]

Here are the results for the 2nd random tournament, April 4th 2009:

Click here to see bracket:

1: EMP kreymore (20 points)
2: Dionis8534[COLOR=Blue] (15 points)
3: bchen421 (10 points)
4: Rizhall (8 points)
5: LinkGTS (6 points)
5: Me9a Chick3n (6 points)
7: Homalon (4 points)
7: Negajoe (4 points)
9: Mrclips12 (2 points)
9: Jayzeroyeah (2 points)
9: ishadius (2 points)
9: MeleeRay0 (2 points)
13: Voltage523
13: theweezr
13: phenomenub

Here are the overall ranking points for the players:
1: Dionis8534[COLOR=Blue] (21 points)
2: cohe3d (20 points)
2: EMP kreymore (20 points)
3: zartanahunned (15 points)
4: bchen421 (10 points)
4: FBI AgentTD (10 points)
5: I B Random I (8 points)
5: Rizhall (8 points)
5: Me9a Chick3n (8 points)
6: LinkGTS (6 points)
6: Mista mangu ( 6 points)
7: XSilvenX (4 points)
7: Homalon (4 points)
7: Ichi Reno(4 points)
7: Negajoe (4 points)
8: Biszy blanco (2 points)
8: Mrclips12 (2 points)
8: Jayzeroyeah (2 points)
8: ishadius (2 points)
8: cornnwall (2 points)
8: Gui1tyX (2 points)
8: MeleeRay0 (2 points)[/COLOR]

The next tournament will be Saturday April 11th @ 11pm US eastern!

REMINDER Please be on at least 30 minutes before 11pm US eastern time so I can do sign ups*

Any questions, comments or concerns PLEASE private message me, instant message me or post on this thread!

Thank you all


count me in for next time

Nice I got 5th. Vega on his way to the top.

Yess SF 4 is The New Crack… Sagat All The Way!

count me in next time

It’s Shame…You know I’m in the next one to take what’s rightfully mine O.o. I hope this gets bigger it really is fun.

Everyone look!

Updates! Look @ first post!

Everytime Smoothviper wins, I win by default because…

Bacardi > smoothviper


im in this… jay you already know my info lol

yooo Jay
Count me in for any upcomings. Let me know what’s up if anything new happens.

Not to sound like an old man, id love to participate just 11pm is a little late for me. Any chance these will start any earlier. Im usually good any night from 7pm on, just “starting” at 11 is somewhat of a stretch. (long story short, i have a baby sleeping in the next room and smashing away at 11 is a bit too loud/late)

Gamertag is H1ro (1 and letter o) for anyone interested in a good “respectful” match (well good imo, but im average i guess)


About this AIM crap, I can’t be on AIM and Live at the same time -_-

Hey Mega Chicken! :slight_smile:

Hey Mega Chicken,

During the night of the tournament you can stay in the Xbox live party chat with me while I’m on AIM with most of the players. I would like most of the players to be on AIM so it will be easier to announce matches.

If anyone has any questions, comments or concerns please post!

P.S. - H1ro I will see what is a good time for everyone. I think 11pm is late but its a good time for most of the players. I will try to make a earlier time for the tournament. I will keep you posted.

Thank you


That is why you’re my hero.

my screenname is ZR0777 the number “0” not the letter “o”

I’m down for the next one (or today’s if signups are still open) too


Getting online now, no second place this time…I already ate O.o


Hey players! I just posted the results! Check them out! PLEASE COMMENT!

I will be back for my spot on top…

This tourney was BROKESAUCE!