NYC Selling or Trading my Eightarc Ivory Fusion

Hey all, moving and getting rid of some stuff. Looking to either sell or trade my Eightarc Ivory Fusion stick.
This is the link to my NYC Craigslist posting:

Things I’d trade for it: Old NES or SNES games, a Super Famicom or Famicom system and games, a Neo Geo System, other cartridge based systems.

Are you looking for any specific SNES or other cartridge based games? I have a few SNES games and maybe a copy of AoF2 for the Neo Geo.

How much use does it have? And do you ship?

Ciber: I’m looking for just big spectrum of games. I don’t have a NEo Geo so I’d need the system.

YeaYnot: I’t’s in great shape, barely used. If you are in the US, I would ship but it may cost extra.

New Price $140

I so want to get it, but I’m trying to get rid of a PS3 stick and no one on craigslist is in a buying mood for sticks.

I have a shit ton of old Gameboy games and a few rare SNES games that I dunno if I wanna part with yet (lol). I might be willing to throw in a game or two to lower the price of the stick. And I live in CT so I can come pick it up if you’re in Westchester or the city. Let me know if any of this interests you.

Sure man, what games do you want to trade? We can talk and see if how much it will lower the cost. It’s great that you can come pick it up.

Still available. $140 or Snes games and cash takes it!

Hahaha I actually found this on CL before finding it here :stuck_out_tongue:
I actually wanna cop this, but I told my cousin in china to get me a Q4 since they produce it there and everything.
it says that you removed some buttons? I have 0 experience at modding, so if you could please put back those buttons, i’d be thankful. if you could give me a few days to check if my cousin has already ordered one. If he didn’t, i’ll buy yours.
Oh and will you do meetups? We could meet up at Next Level Arcade. You could keep the box. I’d like everything inside the box though. I’ll bring cash if we do the meetup.