NYC Manhattan Players


I’m a fairly OG player (haven’t posted on these boards in years) looking for games in SFIV (Love this game and can use nearly every character - used to play in tournaments), Third Strike (Oro, Ryu main), Super Turbo, or even SFV or any other game - I haven’t played Umvc3 in years, but I was fairly good back in the day. Anyway, I have no stick, no system, no television, etc. but I used to participate in the competitive scene and I have just really been wanting to kick it and play some casuals with some people. I’m fairly busy, but I can definitely make time to hit up somebody for some games, so just let me know.

Okay, first post - here goes!

I’m in NYC and would be down for some sets too, I’ve never experienced a tournament but I’m curious as to what the vibe is like. I’m getting back into SFV, easing into Tekken 7 and I’ve also played Guilty Gear and Killer Instinct. I’m pretty much down for playing or learning any fighting game.